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"A Girl Worth Fighting For" is a song from Disney's 1998 film Mulan. It features the men of the army Mulan has secretly joined in disguise singing about their dream girls to distract from the pains of marching for so long. They mainly sing about wanting girls who are beautiful, adore them, or cook well, while Mulan says a smart and outspoken one.


For a long time we've been
Marching off to battle
In our thundering herd
We feel a lot like cattle
Like the pounding beat
Our aching feet aren't
Easy to ignore
Hey, think of instead
A girl worth fighting for
That's what I said
A girl worth fighting for
I want her paler than the
Moon with eyes that
Shine like stars
My girl will marvel at
My strength, adore my
Battle scars
I couldn't care less what she'll
Wear or what she looks like
It all depends on what
She cooks like
Beef, pork, chicken, mmm
Bet the local girls thought
You were quite the charmer
And I'll bet the ladies love
A man in armor
You can guess what we
Have missed the most
Since we went off to war
What do we want?
A girl worth fighting for
My girl will think I have no faults
That I'm a major find
How 'bout a girl who's got a brain
Who always speaks her mind?
My manly ways and turn of
Phrase are sure to thrill her
He thinks he's such a lady killer
I've a girl back home who's
Unlike any other
Yet the only girl who'd
Love him is his mother
But when we come home
In victory they'll line up
At the door
What do we want?
A girl worth fighting for
Wish that I had
A girl worth fighting for
A girl worth fighting...


  • An instrumental version can be heard in the US DVD menu and the Audio Options and Captions menu of the Special Edition.