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Adella is one of King Triton and Queen Athena's daughters. She is voiced by Sherry Lynn and Tara Strong.

Disney History

The Little Mermaid

Adella is breifly seen at the beginning and end.

The Little Mermaid II

Adella is seen at the beginning to see her niece Melody.

The Little Mermaid III

Mermaid sisters3

Young Adella

Adella has a more starring role in this film. She is first seen as a seven-year-old girl during the film with her mother. Ten years after Athena's death, Adella is a teenager and highly interested in boys. Adella sees a boy and tries to look cute until Ariel tickles her with seaweed and she gets embarrassed and chases Ariel (this turns friendlier as it goes) and they crash into their sisters. Adella is upset when Ariel was gone for the night, hoping she wasn't hanging out with a boy. At the end of the film, she actually kisses a boy.

The Little Mermaid TV series



  • It is possible that Arista is her twin as they were both seventeen in the third film.