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"The stars are there to guide us, to inspire us, to remind us to believe in possibility." - Asha

Asha is the protagonist of Disney's 2023 animated feature film, Wish. She is a 17-year-old girl from the Kingdom of Rosas who sees a darkness in her kingdom that no one else sees and whose impassioned plea brings down an actual star. Together with her pet goat, Valentino, they embark on an epic adventure to save Rosas.


Asha was born in Rosas to a philosopher named Tomás and a seamstress named Sakina. Growing up, Asha would hear her father lecture her on stars and how they were connected to all living things. When Asha was twelve years old, her father passed away from an unknown illness, leaving her to be raised by her mother and paternal grandfather, Sabino. By the time she turned seventeen years old, Asha began working as a tour guide, welcoming travelers and immigrants to the kingdom of Rosas.


Asha is an energetic, passionate seventeen-year old girl who is very proud of her kingdom's history and traditions. As a tour guide, Asha is very welcoming towards people of different backgrounds and does everything to make them feel accepted into the kingdom of Rosas. In the beginning, Asha held a high opinion of King Magnifico and his powers of granting wishes like everyone else in Rosas. However, upon hearing Magnifico refusing to grant her grandfather's wish and discovering the king to grant wishes that benefits only to himself, Asha's opinions of him changed as she realized Magnifico had become corrupted over the years of maintaining power and magic over Rosas. This caused Asha to begin opposing the king where she sought to change her kingdom's lifestyle for everyone's well-being and happiness.


Asha is a tall, slender, beautiful, tan-skinned Hispano teenager with freckles across her cheeks, nose and neck, followed by narrow eyebrows and brown eyes. She also sports long fluttery eyelashes and large coral lips, with her most distinctive feature is her waist-length, chocolate-black braided hair that has been swooped to her right side, with the left part of her scalp possessing cornrows.

Powers and abilities[]

  • Magic: The Star gave Asha a magic wand. And upon taking it, she becomes a fairy godmother.




  • She has a goat that is similar to Esmeralda and her goat from The Hunchback of Notre Dame.
  • She is same age as Belle from Beauty and the Beast.
  • Asha is the first mixed race/biracial Disney heroine. Being of North African-Iberian ancestry.
  • She is the second heroine who is not actually royalty through either birth or marriage.