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Aurora's Royal Wedding is the sixth Royal Wedding story of the Royal Weddings book series, based on Sleeping Beauty.


Princess Aurora dreamed many times that her handsome prince would find her... and eventually Prince Philip did find her! Now they're getting married! Follow along with word-for-word narration as Aurora plans her wedding to the Prince and decides what kind of princess she wants to be.


Taking place sometime after the events of the movie, Prince Phillip personally proposes to Aurora, despite already having been betrothed to each other. After Aurora delightedly says yes, the entire kingdom begins preparing for the royal wedding, with Phillip making his horse Samson take a bath, while King Hubert and King Stefan tasting the food for the banquet. Queen Leah congratulates her daughter and leaves her to choose her wedding dress. However Aurora has trouble choosing from so many dresses, and is even more confused when choosing the table settings. When Phillip brings her out for a walk, Aurora confesses to him that she is unsure and doubting her ability as a princess. Phillip encourages her and brings Queen Leah to Aurora; the Queen encourages and comforts her daughter, telling her that a princess is not what you do, but most importantly what you are. Overjoyed, Aurora thanks her mother and asks if she can wear her mother's wedding dress, to which she agrees.

During the wedding, Aurora appears in her mother's wedding dress, walked down by King Stefan. She and Phillip say their vows and share a passionate kiss, before feeding each other the wedding cake and dancing happily. The story ends with Phillip and Aurora leaving for their honeymoon in a carriage, stating that the wedding ended as Aurora imagined "once upon a dream".