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Banzai is one of three secondary antagonists in The Lion King.


Since cubhood, Banzai has been friends with Ed and Shenzi. During their youth, the three were seen hunting together, their targets locked on the wanderer Rafiki. Their pursuit was quickly stopped by Ahadi, who ordered the hyenas away from Five Stones in order to prevent their overhunting the Pride Lands. Though reluctant to leave, the hyenas eventually submitted to his authority and left Rafiki in the able paws of the king. After their failed hunt, the hyenas skulked at a distance from Pride Rock, complaining about Ahadi and his constant supervision. Banzai and Shenzi exchanged complaints about the king and advocated the ushering in of a new era, musing that with Mufasa dead, they would be able to rule the Pride Lands. The hyenas were later seen meeting up secretly with Taka, who warned them that his father was searching for them. When Banzai suggested that they move to the snowy mountains, Taka and Shenzi yanked on his whiskers, silencing him. The conversation soon took a turn toward Taka's former initiation into the gang. Though Taka claimed that the hyenas had begged him to join their group, Banzai and Shenzi argued that his recollection was false. When Taka slid out his claws pointedly, glaring at them, they were quick to eat their own words. The hyenas soon brought up the subject of Ahadi, and Taka reacted sensitively, yelling that he never got ditched by his father. Banzai and Shenzi cleaned up their mistake by pointing out that Ahadi was always favoring Mufasa over his younger son. They then planted the idea in Taka's head that he should get Mufasa in trouble with Ahadi so that the royal heir looks bad in front of the kingdom. Taka grasped eagerly at the idea and left to put it into play. Before leaving, he promised to repay them for their services. The hyenas have also interacted with Zazu, until they were roared away by an adolescent Mufasa. They have also most likely had an encounter with Sarafina, who got killed and ate Banzai's father when he was younger.