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Belle's Royal Wedding (also known titled A Special Gift) is the third Royal Wedding story of the Royal Weddings book series, based on Beauty and the Beast.


Belle's wedding day is just days away and she and her prince are preparing the castle to make sure their wedding is a very special celebration. Follow along with word-for-word narration and witness one of the most magical days!


Taking place some time after the film, Belle was getting prepared for the wedding, which was days away. Belle then told Mrs. Potts that she was happy and that she had never dreamed that her life would become such a grand adventure. However, she frowned and realized that The Prince had spent most of his life unloved and lonely inside the castle and wanted to show him for their wedding how well loved he is. Mrs. Potts then agreed to the idea. Upon finishing trying out her new dress, Belle then requested that the servants, in addition to making various preparations, also be the actual guests. Mrs. Potts and the other servants worked hard to prepare for the big day (such as having Chef Bouche bake various cakes, Mrs. Potts and the dresser deciding on drapes, and another servant make an ice swan sculpture), as they wanted the couple to feel love in every detail. Meanwhile, the Prince, feeling like the happiest man in the world, wanted to repay Belle for restoring him and his servants' human forms and make her the happiest woman, telling Lumiere as much. He then decided to try and find the perfect gift for Belle. The Prince then, after getting his best clothes, proceeded to pay a visit to the village. After searching around, he then went found a gift for Belle, and then went to a flower shop and requested for roses, as they were Belle's favorite.

Eventually, the wedding day arrived. The prince could not take his eyes off Belle upon the latter appearing on the grand staircase. The reception itself was held in the ballroom. Chip brought down the ring. During the ceremony, the Prince proceeded to, after Belle read her favorite book of exciting adventures and commenting that they don't compare to what she felt every day with him, give Belle a blank journal as his gift so they could "fill it with all the adventures [they] will have together." After the ceremony, Belle and the Prince walked into the ballroom where they then had a banquet due to the servants had created a spectacular feast. Belle then slyly told the servants to clear the area and open the door, stating that there is so much food that she's not sure if "even [our] whole household could eat all this food" and then winking at the servants. Cogsworth and the other servants smiled as the couple went outside, with the entire village being present, waiting to surprise them. The Prince then asked Belle if she invited all of them. Belle then confirmed it, as she wanted to show him how much you are loved, with the Prince exclaiming it was a magnificent gift. The Prince then repeated his thanks to the villagers for coming, being unable to stop smiling. They then shared their first dance, with the crowd shouting "congratulations!" With the friends gathered around them, Belle and the Prince knew that the next chapter of their story would be an even greater adventure than before.