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Disneysaurus Disneysaurus 13 February

Naveen an Jean-Bob aren't similar is false

I don't believe this. it's stupid.


Plus the Screenrant source says this.

Nightsilver is stupid

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787716 787716 7 January 2021

Favorite Princess

Growing up, I always imagine myself as a princess, but didn't have the proper childhood attire. I still have the wand from McDonald's and I had a crown that came with my backpack from 6th grade but it broke! I saw my first princess movie as a kid, The Little Mermaid, followed by Aladdin, then Mulan, and then Sleeping Beauty. Since then, I saw the other princess movies and went to see Moana in theaters. However, I knew which ones I actually like and what princess inspired me: Aurora, Ariel and Moana. So I wanna know: What's your favorite princess?

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Disneysaurus Disneysaurus 25 August 2020

The Little Mermaid Deleted Scene

A fan-made deleted scene when Prince Eric has a splitting headcahe. I wished that happened in that movie.

(Grimsby's voice) Shhhhhhhh. Poor Eric has a splitting headache. Mustn't annoy him.

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Zamyamf1028 Zamyamf1028 9 July 2020


There are kisses from Disney Princess movies.

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Kibibi2 Kibibi2 8 June 2020

Disney are the best

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Deansanna Deansanna 21 May 2020

arianna mermaid

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Deansanna Deansanna 21 May 2020

hayden bonneville

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SarahTheCuteGirl2004 SarahTheCuteGirl2004 9 December 2019

My Top 10 Cartoon Foods I Want To Try

  1. Chimicherrychanga, Pinkie Pie's Cupcakes, etc (My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic)
  2. The Mayor's Pickles (The Powerpuff Girls)
  3. Lincoln's Peanut butter and sauerkraut sandwich, Thanksgiving Turkey, etc (The Loud House)
  4. Pizza, MePhone4's Cookies, Dough's Hamburgers, etc (Inanimate Insanity)
  5. The Infamous Cake, Announcer's Jam Pie, etc (Battle for Dream Island)
  6. Santa's Dinner, Candy Canes, etc (Rudolph The Red Nosed Reindeer and Rudolph's Shiny New Year)
  7. Onigiri, Pikachu's Cake, etc (Pokemon)
  8. Tutter's Cheese, Peanut butter and banana sandwich, etc (Bear in the Big Blue House)
  9. Dog's Birthday Cake, Pig's Pie, etc (WordWorld)
  10. Berry's Snickerdoodle Cookies, Mac's Fizzy Rox, Cheese's Chocolate Milk (Not a Food), Chips, Cookies (Frankie, Bloo, Bendy and Madam…
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Impala2016Susan Impala2016Susan 8 October 2019

Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure Season 3 has debuted

Hi Guys,

I am creating this blog post because this is pretty serious, some of you probably don't know about or/never heard of Cassandra who was Rapunzel's maid and lady-in waiting. She is so far the second character who has betrayed Rapunzel, the first was Varian.

Cassandra stole the Moonstone which caused her to go crazy and has become very evil and her hair and eyes turned blue.


Cass is ACTULLY THE DAUGHTER OF Mother Gothel!!!! It's official, and was confirmed!

You know that's crazy, she never even appeared at all in the movie and wasn't even mentioned either!

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Impala2016Susan Impala2016Susan 26 August 2019



I JUST FOUND OUT That Disney is working on a new Disney Princess movie after Frozen II and possibly prior to their new Latina Princess called "Raya and the Last Dragon." I am soo excited!!!

According to the source!

Raya will be an epic fantasy adventure with southeast Asian themes, set in a realm called Lumandra, described as "a reimagined earth inhabited by an ancient civilization". Five clans form the land of the dragon, and Raya is determined to find the last dragon.

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Nathan Von Koenigsegg Nathan Von Koenigsegg 26 June 2019

Disney Princess

Once upon a time.....................................................The End.

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21EvanED155508 21EvanED155508 15 May 2019


I reportly announce that Moana has been added on the Disney Princess website, which means she is now officially the 12th member of the Disney Princess franchise!!!

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Impala2016Susan Impala2016Susan 21 March 2019

News about Anastasia and the fox merger

Hey guys, I just found an article that is talking about Anastasia. At this point, it is unlikley that she'll have the chance to join the lineup. It mostly could be because she was made before aqusition, but there are other reasons as well.

I mean, she can join the lineup, but I think Disney and Fox fear that it could cause massive controversity, especially to Russian Orthodox Christians, and even Don Bluth, who was the original creator of Anastasia.

Reasons why it could cause controversity:

  1. Anastasia was a real person, don't be suprised but there are still Romanovs today that are biologically related to her. Many relatives today not only in Russia, but in the United States, France and The United Kingdom so it will make it to hard to have Anya…
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21EvanED155508 21EvanED155508 28 February 2019

Disney Princesses Re imagined As Traffic Lights

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Unicorns1409 Unicorns1409 19 February 2019


Hey, how is everyone doing?? I am fine and I love writing blogs so yeah. comment if you have any questions about me or something like that. Kay?? Good. 

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MysticCanines'Heroine732 MysticCanines'Heroine732 14 February 2019

Brave 2 Support For Merida And Her Family

How does this sound as a beginning for Brave 2 Writers?????? I think it would respect both the first film and the old days of Merida's culture, as well as let her continue to be herself.

There was once a magical horse between the coasts of Scotlands and Ireland, it lived under water, this magical horse cousin was called the Kelpie. Unlike the unicorns this cousin acted carnivorous, so the two cousins were enemies but they wer both popular in Celtic stories. 

Merida's family had invited Young Macintosh to another celebration. Merida and  Young Macintosh had see each other once. But this family of Princess Merida's was being patient and was letting her decide when to invite the young males she could marry. This was the celebration that Young M…

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Fangirl111 Fangirl111 22 January 2019

Disney Wiki Article Pages

Hi, welcome to the Disney Princess Wiki! While we are affiliated with the Disney Wiki, our focus is a bit different from them - we don't focus on Disney's entirety or all Disney media, we only focus on the Disney Princess Franchise and Lineup, as well as other Disney Heroines that either didn't make the Lineup or originated from a different company that Disney has bought. This subsequently means that pages regarding their princes, films and merchandise are bound to be found here as well. Because the Disney Wiki is well known to many people, we sometimes have pages that have been directly copied and pasted from the Disney Wiki, but our goal is not be an encyclopedia of Disney as a whole like our associate is, our goal is to be an encyclopedi…

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21EvanED155508 21EvanED155508 29 December 2018

Today is my birthday!

Hi Everyone I just want to tell everybody that today is my birthday and I'm now 16 years old.🍨🍧

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21EvanED155508 21EvanED155508 7 December 2018


Scroll all the way down to the all of the disney princesses:


This is a snip of Elsa sneezing in Frozen Fever btw, XD!!!!

If this was unnecessary, I'll quickly remove it :)

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Guava4ever Guava4ever 4 December 2018

Fav Disney Princesses

  • 1 1. Mulan
  • 2 2. Anna and Elsa
  • 3 3. Aurora
  • 4 2. Ariel
  • 5 1. Cinderella

She is the best Chinese princess ever! She has a funny sidekick named Mushu and a adorable little cutie pie named Cri-Kee! She has a awesome song named Reflection! Her voice is so cute and adorable like a baby girl! :) 

Ever Since I Watched Frozen Back in 2013, I Thought How These Two Princesses Are! They Look So Cute and Beautiful! They Have Songs like For The First Time In Forever and Let It Go! They have a prince named Kristoff and two sidekicks named Olaf and Sven. Boy These Two Sure Do Look Adorable As Heck! :)

She has a adorable smile on her face, and she looks confident as ever! I Love Her Since 2007, Even UnicornFun Likes That Princess Too! She has a very cute song called Onc…

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Fangirl111 Fangirl111 29 November 2018

(Ideas and Plans For) Wiki Updates

The first list is for Wiki updates I've already made, the second is for ideas I have for the Wiki, most need voting. The third is for my upcoming plans for the Wiki. Feel free to comment with your thoughts and suggestions, anything can be modified.

  • Special:Community has been updated. Decorated with images with links, including a small hovering Moana, and a fancy white font, it also has the Princesses and Princes navs now and some text for newcomers about applying for powers and franchises/pages/files.
  • User Statuses have been added to everyone's Profile! Green is for online, an orange clock for away, red with a black line for do not disturb (dnd), and grey for offline. This has stopped working suddenly and it's creator has not made any statem…

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21EvanED155508 21EvanED155508 19 November 2018

My Fanmade Images of Disney Princesses with my Future Princesses

This is a fanmade gallery of my fanmade photos I've created the past few months ago of the Disney Princesses:

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Fangirl111 Fangirl111 16 November 2018

Wiki Adoption and new Staff Candidates

As we all know, I have been considering adopting this Wiki since August - when the Staff disabled anonymous Users.

I first considered adopting this Wiki when Whatweare suggested that I should on this Thread.

"Fangirl could also be made an admin. Fangirl has the patience and the restraint for the job."

I put a note in my Message Wall Greeting to notify the community of this possibility, as well as reiterating it many times in Threads so everyone was well aware and could voice their opinion. No one has as of yet, so I haven't counted any votes other than Whatweare's.

I have now put through the Request, which can be found here.

I have assisted in many User conflicts, both between Users and with vandalizing and spamming anons. I also edit quite fre…

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Impala2016Susan Impala2016Susan 13 November 2018

I may become admin on this wiki

Ok, I made an adoption request on community central, since Evan's request was denied, I thought maybe I could be an admin on here. 

Well, atlhough there hasn't been any vandalism latley, there are no active admins so when I make an adoption request, I am always required to create a blog post on the wiki.

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Connormchenry97 Connormchenry97 3 November 2018

The Disney Princesses

The Disney Princesses is the female team from The Disney Princess Movie.

  • Snow White
  • Cinderella
  • Aurora
  • Rapunzel

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Connormchenry97 Connormchenry97 3 November 2018

The Disney Princess Movie

Princess Connor Faust (also known as Cinderellaurorapunzel) is the inspirational princess with a fair body, blue dress, glass slippers and blue gloves of Cinderella, a golden crown of Aurora and a long golden blonde hair of Rapunzel. From the 2018 film, The Disney Princess Movie, voiced by Renée Victor.

  • 1 Biography
  • 2 Movie
    • 2.1 Synopsis
    • 2.2 Plot
    • 2.3 Cast
  • 3 Gallery

Connor's Female Inspiration is Cinderellaurorapunzel, she's all years old. She's half-Cinderella, half-Aurora, half-Rapunzel. She also had a fair body, a blue dress, glass slippers and blue gloves of Cinderella, a golden crown of Aurora and a long golden blonde hair of Rapunzel. She likes Twirling, Amazing and Princesses.

The Disney Princess Movie is 2018 package film.

Narrated by John Cleese.


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21EvanED155508 21EvanED155508 9 October 2018

If Anastasia and My Princesses were in Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2

These are images that I reimagine if Anastasia and my future princesses were in Wreck It Ralph 2 In case if your wondering  who any of my future disney princesses are, the 9 princesses originate from my upcoming planned projects to be Disney films:

  1. Celine Adami (Short brunette hair, hazel eyes, red gown and gloves) - Princess of Budapest (2026)
  2. Natalie and Cecilia Merili(Natalie: Long dark curly brown hair, blue eyes, violet crown, light orange dress with sleeves, dark blue shoes. Cecilia: Red hair, pink bow, freckles, green eyes, dark purple dress and pink shoes) - The Escape (2029)
  3. Emily, Diane, Laura and Michelle (Emily: Golden crown, fair skin, platinum blonde hair, blue eyes, blue dress with indigo gloves. Diane: Red hair, light brown ey…
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Connormchenry97 Connormchenry97 1 October 2018

Princess Connor Faust

Princess Connor Faust (also known as Snowerellaurorapunzel) is the inspirational princess with blue and red sleeves of Snow White, a fair body, blue dress, glass slippers and blue gloves of Cinderella, a golden crown of Aurora and a long golden blonde hair of Rapunzel. From the 2018 film, The Disney Princess Movie, voiced by Renée Victor.

Connor's Female Inspiration is Snowerellaurorapunzel, she's 21 years old. She's half-Snow White half-Cinderella, half-Aurora, half-Rapunzel. She also had blue and red sleeves of Snow White, a fair body, a blue dress, glass slippers and blue gloves of Cinderella, a golden crown of Aurora and a long golden blonde hair of Rapunzel. She likes Twirling, Amazing and Princesses.

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21EvanED155508 21EvanED155508 31 July 2018

I am adopting this wiki

Hi everyone I am planning do adopt this wiki and I'll soon become an admin on here, there's been so much vandalism with the Disney Princess pages by Anonymous users, if this doesn't stop I'm going to disable fandom users from editing on this wiki, I have an Adoptian request to be an administrator on this wiki, since there is no one protecting this wiki that's all im saying



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21EvanED155508 21EvanED155508 29 July 2018


Everyone please read this immediately!!!!

I just found out that Disney is now working on another Disney Princess movie about an African princess named Sadé. Nothing much is known about it but she originates from an African fairy tale!!!! Sorry for CAPS  I'm just so excited about the next heroine!

Here is the link if you want to check it out! https://www.hotnewhiphop.com/disney-is-developing-a-new-sade-princess-movie-news.56050.html

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Disneysaurus Disneysaurus 30 May 2018

The Princess and the Frog VS the Swan Princess

In 1994, little known studio Crest Animation release The Swan Princess, a fairy tale musical based on Swan Lake. It ticks almost every box of a Disney classic: a beautiful princess, a handsome prince, catchy musical numbers, obnoxious talking animals, and an evil sorcerer. They even released a bunch of Swan Princess merchandise.

The Swan Princess is based on no discernible movie. The small studio ripped off the Disney formula and hoped harassed parents would pick up the VHS, mistaking it for a Disney Princess movie.

Perhaps this is why, years later, Disney got its revenge with The Princess and the Frog. Angry fans of the smaller budget movie complained that the way Naveen (in frog form) looks and behaves similarly to Jean-Bob, Odette’s Frenc…

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Connormchenry97 Connormchenry97 27 March 2018

About Connormchenry97

Connormchenry97 is the new Fandom user.

Meet the new Disney Princess (half-Snow White, half-Cinderella, half-Aurora, half-Rapunzel), "Princess Connor Faust" (female inspiration of Connor Faust).

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17cfaust 17cfaust 27 March 2018

About 17cfaust

17cfaust is the new Fandom user.

  • 1 About
  • 2 The Amazing World of Gumball
    • 2.1 Sypnosis
    • 2.2 Plot
    • 2.3 Segments
    • 2.4 Songs
    • 2.5 Voices
    • 2.6 Trivia
      • 2.6.1 Cultural References
      • 2.6.2 Notes
  • 3 How to Become a Disney Princess
    • 3.1 Steps

My name is Connor Faust.

The Amazing World of Gumball is the straight-to-video film, released on November 11, 2014.

Featuring episodes from Seasons One and Two of The Amazing World of Gumball.

Coming Up!

  1. The DVD
  2. The Responsible
  3. The Third
  4. The Debt
  5. The End
  6. The Dress
  7. The Quest
  8. The Spoon
  9. The Pressure
  10. The Painting
  11. The Laziest
  12. The Ghost
  13. The Mystery
  14. The Prank
  15. The Gi
  16. The Kiss
  17. The Party
  18. The Refund
  19. The Robot
  20. The Picnic
  21. The Goons
  22. The Secret
  23. The Sock
  24. The Genius
  25. The Poltergeist
  26. The Mustache
  27. The Date
  28. The Club
  29. The Wand
  30. The Ape
  31. The Car
  32. The Curse
  33. The Microwave
  34. The Meddler
  35. The Helmet
  36. The Fight
  37. The Remote
  38. The…

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Paige EM Paige EM 30 August 2016

canidates for deletion

  • Dot
  • Adda
  • Ariel and family
  • Venelopie
  • Leah
  • Mulan
  • Tiger Lily
  • Gizelle
  • Eilonwy
  • Kiara
  • Ting-Ting
  • Jane Porter
  • Mia
  • Mei
  • Su
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Sings-With-Spirits Sings-With-Spirits 3 November 2013

Who can be Queen?

It's been a topic of discussion for a while now, so here is the straight info:

Belle can't become a Queen because her husband is the Sovereign Prince of a Principality, NOT of a Kingdom. Much like Prince Albert of Monaco.

Same goes for Prince Eric; he is the Sovereign Prince of his Principality.

Aurora will become Reigning Queen upon the death of King Stephan, and co-Sovereign upon the death of King Hubert. If King Hubert dies before King Stephan, then she becomes Queen Consort to King Phillip first, and co-Sovereign after her father's death. Aurora's and Phillip's firstborn will inherit the thrones of both Kingdoms, at which time, Aurora may abdicate and become Queen Mother to the new King or Queen. If Phillip were to die, she would become a…

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Harryronhermione17 Harryronhermione17 18 November 2012

Disney Renaissance/Golden Age

There are five movies from the Disney Renaissance, three of which produced disney princesses, one which produced an unoffical disney princess and one that was a sequel to an unoffical disney princess movie but did not include the unoffcial princess.

  • The Little Mermaid
  • Beauty and the Beast (film)
  • The Rescuers Down Under
  • Aladdin (Film)
  • The Lion King

These are the movies (so far) from the Disney Golden Age, which is what I call the period now. If there are already titles for now please post a comment to let me know!

  • Bolt
  • The Princess and the Frog
  • Tangled
  • Winnie the Pooh
  • Wreck-It Ralph (film)
  • Frozen?
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