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Chen Honghui is the fifth live-action Disney Princes. He starred in the 2020 live-action remake of Mulan. It was scheduled to release in theatres on 27th March 2020 but has been cancelled due to the Coronavirus pandemic. The film has been announced to release in theatres on July 24 2020 but had been delayed for the second time to August 21 2020 and it has finally released on Disney+ on 4th September 2020, however it is an extra on Disney+ and is part of the premier access for a price of $30/£20.

Mulan (2020)[]

Honghui first appears near the start of the movie, when the recruits come to the Imperial Army's training grounds. Someone pushed one of the soldiers, causing the soldier to knock into Hua Mulan. The force from the soldier causes Mulan to tumble to the ground. Honghui walks over to her, laughs at her misfortune, and asks if she needs a hand, calling her a "little man". Mulan, insulted by his arrogance, gets up and points her sword directly at his throat as she says, "Insult me again, and you'll taste the tip of my blade." In response, Honghui draws his sword, points it at her throat, and orders Mulan to lower her sword. Mulan asks him what will happen if she doesn't. However, before he could respond, their fight is broken up by the Commander.

One night, Honghui awakens slightly to see Mulan fixing her clothes, and wonders why she is doing so.

One day, during a lunch break, Mulan's roommates start discussing their ideal woman. Honghui asks Mulan, not knowing she is a girl, what her ideal woman is. Mulan responds saying that her ideal woman is someone who is courageous, has a good sense of humor, and who is smart. Yao, one of the recruits starts to make fun of the choice, but Honghui stands up for Mulan.

Later that night, Honghui and Mulan are in their tent, and Honghui asks Mulan if she had been matched yet. Mulan responds saying she had once been matched, however it had not worked out. Honghui responds saying she was lucky, as he was not sure how he should talk to a woman. Mulan responds saying he should talk to a woman the way he talks to her. Still doubting himself, Honghui asks Mulan, "What if she doesn't like me?" And with great certainty, Mulan says, "She will." Honghui then gets a whiff of Mulan's scent and tells her she needs to take a bath, something she had not done in days.

Later, during training, the two are paired to duel each other. In the beginning, Honghui disarms Mulan twice. However, as Mulan starts to use her strength more, their duel becomes more serious, as they are shown to be evenly matched. Their duel is so intense, the rest of the recruits and even the Commander stand and watch them. Eventually, however, Mulan stops the duel and leaves, causing the recruits, the Commander, and even Honghui himself to be left awestruck by her talent.

That night, Mulan goes to the lake near the training grounds, and takes her first bath in days. Unfortunately, her bath is interrupted by Honghui, who noticed she was not in the tent, and went out to find her. Honghui approaches her as he enters the lake. Honghui had wanted to compliment Mulan on her fighting, but Mulan, scared that he would find out she was a girl, tells him to go away, as she isolates herself from him. Saddened, Honghui tells her that if they can not be friends, they can at least be equals.

As Honghui pauses to rest his arms while doing the water bucket challenge, Mulan passes by him, and is the first to reach the top of the mountain without pausing. Honghui, along with the other recruits are in awe of Mulan's strength, and good balance.

During the first fight against the Rourans, Honghui is swept up in the avalanche the Rourans had created. Noticing him being buried alive, Mulan rescues him, and brings him to safety. Once she is back on solid ground, Mulan lays him down in the snow, and checks his heartbeat. Finding that he is still alive, Mulan breathes a sigh of relief and leaves him to wake up on his own.

When Honghui finds out Mulan is a girl, he along with the others are shocked to discover the truth.

When Mulan returns to the army, she tells the Commander of Bori Khan's plans, however, the Commander does not believe her. Honghui stands up for Mulan, saying that if the Commander trusted Hua Jun, (Mulan's male disguise), why couldn't he trust Mulan. The Commander eventually does decide to trust Mulan, and he has her lead the army into battle.

During the second fight, Honghui saves Mulan from a Rouran who tried to attack her. He tells her to go and save the Emperor. Before Mulan leaves, Honghui tells her to bolt the doors to the passage they were in. Mulan, hesitant to do this hesitates, but after Honghui encourages her to do it, she does, and leaves to save the Emperor.

Before Mulan leaves for her home, Honghui comes to see her off. He offers his hand to her, and when she pauses, he asks her, "You still won't take my hand?" Mulan slowly puts her hand in his. The two smile at each other, before Mulan lets go, mounts her horse, and leaves.