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"It's easy to pontificate on Kumandra when you hold the mightiest weapon in all the lands." -The Chief of Spine to Benja.

The Chief of Spine is a supporting character of Disney’s 2021 film, Raya and the Last Dragon. His name is never revealed. He accepts Chief Benja's invitation to Heart and mocks the idea of Kumandra, claiming that it's easy for Chief Benja to speak of peace when he holds all of the power. He's one of the first When the Dragon Gem shatters, the Chief of Spine takes a shard and runs away. He is not seen again after this.

Physical Appearance[]

The Chief of Spine has shoulder-length, slighty wavy black hair. He wears a long sleeve, desaturated teal shirt with an elaborate design in black and red on the chest. His pants are black and he wears a red sash around his waist. His boots are tan leather with chords criss-crossing them. He wears matching leather wrist guards.

The Chief of Spine's weapon of choice is two large axes that are elaborately designed with carvings on the blade. The axes are shaped vaguely like dragon heads with "horns" coming out the back. Just below the axe blades are rows of spikes and below that is the wooden grip.