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The Chieftess of Tail is a minor character of Disney’s 2021 film, Raya and the Last Dragon. Her name is never revealed. She accepts Chief Benja's invitation to Heart but assumes that he's going to rob the other four lands. The Chieftess mocks the idea of Kumandra. When the Dragon Gem shatters, the Chieftess of Tail takes a shard and runs away. She boobytraps her throne room and falls victim to her traps, breaking the bridge that connects the tree island to the exit. The next time she's seen, she's a skeleton in a tree, the Dragon Gem shard still in her hand. It's implied that she slowly starved to death, alone.

Physical Appearance[]

The Tail Chieftess wears a bright yellow jumpsuit with a brown belt around the middle and a brown sash from her right hip to her left knee. Her black hair is mostly hidden by folded yellow cloth on her head and a circle of beads.