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Cinderella's Royal Wedding (also known titled The Perfect Dress) is the first Royal Wedding story of the Royal Weddings book series, and the second wedding book based on Cinderella.


Cinderella's wedding day is approaching. The King wants to keep the family traditions alive, but Cinderella wants to honor her mother as well. Together they create a magical celebration!


While walking in the palace gardens, Prince Charming proposed to Cinderella, and she accepted enthusiastically. The king then proceeded to show Cinderella the portrait of his late wife in her wedding gown on their wedding day, and stated that, since it was a tradition, he wants her to wear the same gown and jewelry. Cinderella quietly looks at the picture, as while she wasn't entirely sure about this, she wanted to respect the king's wishes. As the preparations were underway, however, it became apparent that Cinderella trying to adopt what the king wanted by wearing his wife's dress was not easy at all: The frilly dress made Cinderella feel clumsy, and the pearls were too heavy for her to even walk, leaving Cinderella uncertain as to what she should do. In addition, the Grand Duke, determined to show Cinderella how important it was to wear the dress, gave her a stack of books detailing the necessary knowledge on royal traditions. She tried reading everything and remembering everything, only to fall asleep. While asleep, Cinderella dreamt back to when she was a little girl. her mother gave her a beautiful necklace as well as left her with advice that the necklace will remind her to listen to her heart whenever she had a problem, as it would lead to the answer she was looking for. She woke up and, inspired by her dream, she searched through her old trunks. She eventually found the portrait of her mother on her wedding day with the help of her mice friends and her Fairy Godmother as well as a bit of the latter's magic. Cinderella then showed the portrait to the royal dressmaker and asked if it was possible for him to make her a gown like the one in the portrait. The dressmaker, after bowing his head, stated he would be honored. She then thanked him, and also suggested an idea for the veil if it wasn't too much trouble for him. Afterwards, she visited the royal jeweler. After showing him both the necklace that had belonged to the Queen and her own mother's necklace, she then asked if he could combine the two into one. The Jeweler accepted, and stated that he'll make the finest necklace in the kingdom just for her. On the morning of the wedding, Cinderella requested to see the king. Afterwards, she then stated that she is proud to be joining his family. She then explained that the wedding dress was a copy of her mother's wedding gown, to honor her own family tradition, and also stated the veil and necklace will honor the king's family tradition as well. The king then admitted that it was a great honor as Cinderella had blended the treasures of two families, and created a new tradition as a result. He then proudly offered Cinderella his arm as they didn't want to keep the prince waiting. The king then proceeded to lead Cinderella down the isle, with the guests being delighted. They also acknowledged that before that day, they never saw the prince so happy. At the end of the ceremony, everyone proceeded to cheer as they knew that Cinderella and the Prince had found true love. The wedding banquet had Cinderella and the Prince cutting the wedding cake for everyone to enjoy, and when it came time to go home, the guests lined up to thank the new couple for inviting them to the celebration. Cinderella proceeded to have the wedding of her dreams by following tradition and her heart.



  • Cinderella's Royal Wedding was the first source to give an actual image of Cinderella's Mother, predating the 2015 film.