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Cri-Kee appears in the Disney film Mulan and Mulan II. Grandmother Fa gives Mulan Crikee as a good luck charm on the day she is to meet the Matchmaker. Mulan tries her best, but she does not do very well. Crikee does not exactly help matters when he gets out of his cage and takes a bathin the Matchmaker's tea and jumps down her shirt! He appears to feel badly afterwards, so he probably didn't mean for things to go so badly. Mulan releases Crikee back into the wild after her meeting with the Matchmaker, but Crikee follows her and stays in the family's yard. He meets Mushu, Mulan's gaurdian dragon, and befriends him. Mulan meets Crikee and Mushu at the army camp, where they appear to be sent by her ancestors. Crikee becomes Mushu's faithful assistant. After some time, Crikee  tearfully confesses that he is not lucky, perhaps worried that he caused Mulan's bad luck. He proves his worth when he and Mushu help Mulan defeat Shan Yu. He comes home with Mulan and the rest, and provides music during Mushu's welcome home party.

During Mulan II, Crikee is always seen with Mushu, trying to stop his self-centered plans to sabotage Li Shang and Fa Mulan's marriage. 



  • Crikee's name may have come from the noise crickets make at night. Some mimic the noise as cree- key, or Crikee.