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Dahlia is a major supporting character who appears in Disney's 2023 animated feature film Wish. She is Asha's best friend who is a baker and the unofficial leader of "The Teens".


Being an accomplished baker, Dahlia creates her own kind of magic of the culinary variety, including cookies in the image of the king himself.

Physical appearance[]

Dahlia is a chubby teenage girl with medium skin, dark brown eyes, and short black hair with bangs. She wears a ruby dress with flower patterns on the bottom of the skirt over a lilac long-sleeved top with golden sparkles and yellow trims. She also wears a pair of overall spectacles with gold framing, a yellow headband tied into a bunny knot, a pink apron with a ruby pocket on her waist, and brown with golden buckles.

Due to a disability, Dahlia relies on a wooden crutch to help her walk.


  • Dahlia is based on Doc from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, and much like the character she is the unofficial leader of her and Asha's friend group.
  • It is unknown what disability Dahlia has, but given she has to use a crutch it is possible she has a muscle weakness in her leg.
  • Dahlia's use of a crutch is a reference to her voice actress, Jennifer Kumiyama's, real life disability. She has Arthrogryposis (joint stiffness) and uses a wheelchair.
  • Dahlia being the best friend and confidant of the main heroine is similar to Nakoma in Pocahontas and Charlotte La Bouff in The Princess and the Frog.