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Dancing Princess was a line of Disney Princess dolls released in 1996 by Mattel.


The dolls came with a pedestal of sorts, on which the princess would be placed, and would spin around singing a song from her movie. The songs were: Snow White (The Dream I Dreamed), Cinderella (A Dream Is a Wish), Aurora (You Are My Blue Prince), Ariel (Part of Your World), Belle (Beauty and the Beast), Jasmine (An Ideal World) and Pocahontas (Colors of the Wind).


Alternative Packaging[]


  • This is one of the few Mattel doll collections to feature Pocahontas.
    • Pocahontas was the only Princess who got an exclusive dress, which is not seen in her movie. However, it is still based on her iconic dress.
  • Aurora and Belle were the only Princesses to get two different dresses in this collection (although Aurora's dresses are the same, with different colors).
  • Aurora, Ariel, and Belle were the only Princesses to get a set with their respective love interests.
  • This is supposed to be one of the first collections where the Disney Princes make an appearance.
  • Although Jasmine is wearing her violet dress, in the promotional photo, she is wearing the turquoise blue outfit.
  • It is a very rare line to find.
  • In some countries, its packaging has been modified, becoming a light violet.