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Pip: Once upon a time in a magical kingdom called Andalasia, a baby was found in the forest. With no mother or father to speak of, the baby was raised by the animals who loved her as one of their own, and her name was Giselle. Giselle grew into a beautiful young lady with a loving heart and a secret desire - I’ve been dreaming of true love’s kiss and a prince I’m hoping comes with this Until one day, She won the love of Andalasia’s bravest prince, until one day, she was pushed through a magic portal by an evil queen and landed in a strange and extremely confusing place called

New York City, New York City

There she met Robert who was a lawyer with dreamy eyes and a daughter named Morgan who saw magic everywhere she went, so, Giselle and Robert fell in love and they lived

Both: Forever Ever After

Read it again Dad

Pip: What if I told you ever after wasn’t the end of their story?

We’ve heard this story a million times. That’s how it always ends

Pip: Uh-Uh-Uh! You’ve only heard part of the story, you see, it turns out New York wasn’t Giselle’s happily ever after after all. Well, I’m not too proud of my part in this one, but if you two get into bed, I’ll read it to ya. This story begins where the old one left off, in the kingdom of New York after ever after

After? There is no after after ever after You get married then nothing ever happens to you again

Pip: Not in this world, over there, things would never stop happening, for Giselle a few years went by, Morgan sprouted up, and eventually, Robert and Giselle had a baby, a beautiful girl named Sofia And for one moment Giselle truly had it all, and that’s when things began to change. First, with all the baby stuff, their castle in the sky shrunk two sizes and then, life got so busy, it felt like a sleeping curse fell over them every night But, the hardest part was Morgan, she became what that world call a teenager and it felt to Giselle like she had set out to a faraway place where she could never go. With so much change, Giselle started feeling maybe life in the kingdom of New York wasn’t such a fairytale after all then she saw a sign and realized that their happily ever after might be somewhere else so Giselle and Robert began their quest for a new happily Ever after

Mover: Next stop, Monroeville

Where the hell is Monroeville

Don’t know, has to be better than here.

Giselle: I know change can be scary but it can also be exciting, think of all the wonderful new people you’re going to meet who will love you just as much as I do and remember whenever you need a friend, what do we do?

Robert: Morgan can you at least try to help a little?

Morgan; I am helping, I’m literally telling the entire Internet about my kidnapping, they all agree it’s a tragedy

Robert: You know, a lot of people move to the suburbs from the city and they’re wildly happy

Morgan: Well I was wildly happy here , can you back me up on this Sofia? You’re no help

Giselle: Are you ready for our new adventure?

Morgan: Very

Giselle: That’s

Both: sarcasm

Giselle: I promise Monroeville is the perfect place

Morgan: No speeches, if we’re going to do this, let’s just go!

Robert: Teenagers are like this, She’ll be fine

Giselle: We really did have magic memories here

Robert: We’ll make more, if I learnt anything from meeting a princess on a billboard sometimes you just have to take a leap

Giselle: Let’s start our new life!

Pip: So they packed up and moved to a place where there ain’t nothing to perturbia, or disturbia, magic kingdom of surburbia

Giselle: Isn’t it wonderful? It’s the closest thing I’ve ever seen to

Both: Andalasia

Morgan: Our house is like a castle, I’ll have my own room, you’ve told me a million times

Robert: Hey look

Giselle: You never know Morgan, you might have a little magic like I did growing up

Robert: There it is

Giselle: Oh good The walls are back up

Morgan: The walls were down? Interesting castle

Robert: We’re running a little behind schedule, you just have to have vision

New baby in town We even brought gifts We’re great with naps if you ever need help with that Thank you, I might take you up on that, should we go check out our new home? It’s all part of the adventure

Morgan: That’s not an adventure, that’s a landfill

Giselle: A land filled with adventure

Robert: Let me take my little princess and show you the rest of the house

Morgan: I’m going to go see if one of those movers will move me back to New York

Giselle; I know it’s hard starting over someplace new, I did it once, not really on purpose , I find you just have to look at things the right way

Morgan: Oh no

Giselle: Here I’ll show you

Morgan: We don’t really need to

Giselle: Here we are

Morgan: Sing

Giselle: A family starting over where life will be nicer and newer now With a sparkling sun and the fresh clean sky our dreams will come even truer now In a yard that’s full of four leaf clover where We’ve been transplanted we’ll be brimming with even more joy in store than before and even more enchanted We’re so blessed to have our little castle, we’ll sing as we gaily unpack our trunks We’ll be friends with all the local deer , fluffiest raccoons and cuddly skunks Far away from all the noise and hassle , our wishes will all be granted and even the nastiest birds will tweet extra sweet , I repeat, we’ve left behind all those city lights for riding bikes and flying kites Now we will be suburbanites and even more enchanted

(Song ends as a worker falls over.)

I’m alright! I think!

Giselle: Keep them closed

Robert: Don’t open your eyes

Giselle: Keep them closed

Morgan: Feels so scary now

Robert: Don’t be scared, ready?

Both: Open them

Morgan: Oh wow this is wow, wow

Giselle: I know I got carried away, you can change anything you like

Robert: She made them promise it will be done

Morgan: It’s beautiful mom

Giselle: Really? Pretty soon this whole place will feel like home you’ll see

Morgan: Ah! That’s all my stuff!

Robert; Put it out

Morgan: Careful

Robert; Grab a blanket

Morgan: Those were all my clothes!


Robert: Do we know somebody?

Giselle: No but we can

Malvina: What are you colour blind? That’s not green, that’s aqua Hope you don’t mind, the door was unlocked Giselle and Robert right? And Morgan and little Sofia

Giselle: Yes, how did you know?

Malvina: Malvina Monroe , I would have sold you this house but I deal in slightly more upscale homes, Rosaleen and Ruby!

: Oh they smell so good made everything Even the baskets

Malvina: I weave

That’s so sweet

Morgan: And a little weird

Morgan I have one that age too , so pouty, still the apple of my eye

Everyone’s eye More like the apple of your entire face I know this town better than anyone else She made this town what it is She’s like the Queen of the town I think every town should have a queen That wasn’t exactly the first day we hoped for , maybe we should have waited a month No we pushed her three times That is so much better than fifth avenue No that’s just weirdly louder

Giselle: Those crickets can pose that song just for us, build them a resort, I don’t think they have one of those

Morgan: Can we talk about the fact we moved here to get more space and we’re sleeping in the same room

Robert: Morgan, We talked about this, It’s just until the Smoke clears the room

Morgan: Why is your alarm going off? It’s still yesterday outside

Robert: I’m a commuter now!

Oh. Where’s the fire?

It’s okay baby, it’s okay sweetheart Fire! Yes it is a lovely morning isn’t it?

Oh my gosh! I’m so late! I can’t figure out this commuting thing , I’ll grab some cream, what is that smell? Morning I made you some toast.

Well. It’s a miracle one of my shirts survived.

Are you okay? Are you hurt?

Morgan: No but this is my only outfit

Giselle: The king and Queen of Andalasia, Nancy , Edward what are you doing here?

Nancy: Well. We have to build a portal to your new home

Edward: Robert! Congratulations on The increasing size of your progeny

Thank you

Your dwelling, Are you poor now?

Nancy: Edward No

Robert: We’re not poor

Giselle: it’s what they call a fixer upper

Edward: A fixer upper, Yes! Once your peasants have dug out the moat and added a turret and a balcony from which you can sing bathed in the light of a forgiving moon , I see it now

Robert: Okay and on that note I’m off!

Robert it appears you have lost your sword I don’t have a sword Now that you’re a country squire you’d be more in need of a sword

Still a lawyer

Tragic , how desperate you must be to do something I do plenty A brave front is required to face a life as barren as this , take this I couldn’t You must This sword and I have slayed many a beasts and adventures testing both body and spirit , may it do the same for you Thank you peasant Nancy: We missed her birthday last month but we had to make sure the goddaughter of the king and queen of Andalasia got one of these Giselle; A Andalasian wishing wand A what wand? Giselle: I’ve heard of it but never seen one before Edward: When your godparents are the king and queen they have to do something extra special - Presenting a wand that wishes the most magical of tools , use it for joy and happiness , just make sure you know the rules Morgan: Does anyone in Andaasia just say stuff? Giselle: Not if we can help it - Here’s the magic of Andalasia Contained within this wonderous wishing wand We bring some magic from Andalasia to this Dab and most unmagic world beyond This wishing wand, She will be so enthused by what fun she can have with this gift we brought her But just remember it can only be used by a true Andalasian son Or daughter She’s a true Andalasian goddaughter With this magic With this magic of Andalasia If she has questions, just consult the scroll Giselle: Scroll? Nancy: Just ask the scroll any questions and the answers will appear Edward: In this world I guess you just read it, how do you live in this place? Giselle: How bout that? You’re a true daughter of Andalasia Morgan: If you have no wands for a fake daughter of Andalasia, I’ll go change, I’ll be sure to look in your closet, sure to be some fun options, we’re making a real splash at my new school Giselle: She sometimes says one thing and means the opposite , I can never tell Nancy: Are you okay? Giselle: Is it sometimes easier to live in Andalasia Nancy: I wouldn’t say easier, we have dragons, ogre rebellions Giselle: In Andalasia the hardest part is finding your happily ever after, this world feels different Nancy: It’s true, Happily ever after is more a concept here Edward: If you don’t like this world, you should change it Nancy: Honey it’s not that easy Hogwashery , if anyone can make something out of this, it’s Giselle Is that a sword? Robert: Yeah Little tip next time tell them no bag, double wrapped Maybe leave the sword at home Don’t listen to him, you gotta do you, after all you’re riding this train over and over and over and over and over and over and then you die Just reality man Morgan: I feel like a human get well bouquet Don’t be silly, you look beautiful, the flowers on your skirt bring out the rest of flowers on your skirt Oh my she really is involved Ruby: Congrats you made it Giselle: You really do have a Talent for baked goods Malvina: It’s just a little fundraiser Giselle: For Monroe fest? What’s that? It’s the biggest event of the year, Malvina organises the whole thing, it’s spectacular, there’s also games and a fun little vote for king and queen Her son’s won eight years in a row Ruby: Even when he broke both his legs he won Malvina: It’s not rigged, I promise Giselle: I love festivals, have them all the time where I come from , they’re usually interrupted by evil forces of some kind, when they’re not , bring everyone together I would love to help if you need it Morgan: You should take her up on that, one time she made an entire forest from m and m’s and had it delivered to my class by pigeon Morgan you’re going to be great Just believe in yourself Malvina: I would love to buy you coffee and hear more about this m and m masterpiece , whatever else there is to know about our newest Monroenite Giselle: That would be so nice, thank you Excuse you Morgan: Living The full cliche here Tyson: They must have had an urgent selfie to post, you’re the new girl from New York Morgan: Morgan and you’re Tyson from cupcakes Tyson: You met my mother, I try to ignore whatever it is she’s doing, kind of intense Morgan: Well imagine if she was made of magic and sang at the drive thru Tyson come on! Edgar; Extra large cappuccino with five shots Malvina: Figurative Edgar: Now let me see, Herbal tea, cappu- no! Hibiscus Giselle: You’re right, he’s right Malvina: Oh Edgar knows everything, he’s my eyes and ears You guys move really quickly We go wherever she needs us to be Our town is really one big family, like every family everyone has their role, Once we figure out where you fit in, you can have anything you wish Giselle: You know I think you’re right I’m so glad you like it, do you think I should add music? Hi Morgan how did everything go? Morgan: Just fine Giselle: Does this mean it didn’t go well? Morgan: Well no one talked to me all day Yes that was sarcasm, my day sucked Giselle: I know you didn’t want to come here , it will get better Morgan: What if it doesn’t ? I should go back to school in New York, I can take the train with Dad, it’s fine Giselle: It’s only been a day , we’ll just figure out where you fit in Morgan: We won’t do anything, if I have to do this, I’ll do it on my own Meet me at the school, I have a magical idea This cannot be good Giselle: She is new here and she makes a great friend Giselle: We have festivals in Andalasia all the time , everyone knows the prince and princess now everyone will know you Morgan: I told you I could figure this out on my own , why can’t you let me do that? Malvina: Giselle You cannot have a table on the school unless you’re an official member of a committee Giselle: I’m sorry I didn’t know Malvina: Well you do now, ladies Rosaleen: Gladly

Robert: She’s never been this late without calling, I think she’s turned off her phone, that’s it she’s grounded.

Giselle: Remember when we made this, she used to beg me for stories from Andalasia every night, her favourite ones were always about the memory tree, I don’t know what happened Robert: Teenagers do this all the time , it’s all it is Giselle: It’s more than that I don’t sing the right song anymore, I used to be good at things Robert: Things will get better,just give it a second Giselle: Robert do you like it here? Robert; We just got here Giselle: When was the last time you were Truly happy Well it’s not that I’m unhappy I’ll be riding on a train over and over Where were you? Morgan; In New York Giselle: By yourself? Morgan: I’ve been riding the subway alone since I was thirteen, let’s calm down What were you thinking? I was thinking you should have left me where I belong You belong here Morgan: No I don’t, you live in a magical world, the rest of us don’t Robert: You wanna be mad, be mad at me, you do not talk to your mother like that Morgan: My mother, she’s not my mother , she’s my stepmother , that’s all she’ll ever be Robert: She didn’t mean that Giselle: I think she did , I can’t change that - Once upon a time back there in Andalasia , rules were clear and colours didn’t fade Once you found your happily ever after , your happily ever after always stayed then I journeyed here where true love’s kiss was waiting , I became his princess I miss that fairytale life where you wake each day and nothing’s changed , and your daughter doesn’t feel estranged I thought I found a place where I could make things better All I did was change where I would fail What do I do where life can never be a fairytale - Oh pip my old friend I know, I just wish The wand of wishes, that’s the answer - So I make this wish where life so confusing and pain can cut you sharper than a knife I wish we could all have a life Where suns spring in the air and dragons and ogres are the only things that are scary , give us a fairytale life - Giselle: I guess it didn’t work, oh well , tomorrow is another day Why don’t you sleep over? We have some very comfortable twigs , I’m glad you’re here Good morning Good morning Giselle Giselle:, It’s not a very good morning at all I’m afraid Well then you’ll have to make it a good morning Giselle: You’re absolutely right friends - Get the table set Your coffee’s percolating Got some eggs to fry Oh my I’ve got your smoothie waiting Would you like your toast on wheat or rye Giselle: Morgan? - This day is new now, there’s work to do now, scrubbing and sweeping, all the pleasures of housekeeping I’m just estatic doing my daily chores, let’s sweep those floors Robert: Giselle You’re even more beautiful than you were yesterday - It’s another day, another quest , one more chance to put my mettle to the test What a sunny day, what a yummy breakfast , you’ll stay empty mister garbage fill Oh well Then it’s all hands on deck That’s rooms to dust And searching for a quest Our life is almost like a fairytale Robert; Well I’m off, another adventure, a chance to prove my worth and heroic fortitude only to return to you my fair lady glowing with a days worth of fully realised purpose Morgan: I am off too but Not without my little helper, chores are an adventure all on their own, that’s what I always say Pip: Those twigs were m*rder on my sciatica I’m talking, how am I talking? Giselle: The wish I made last night it came true Pip: What are you talking about? Giselle; We have a fairytale life Pip: Jumping jelly sticks we got magic Look all around us, life will be so full of song and laughter and you can bet we’ll get our happily ever after Morgan: It’s the queen Giselle: Modernlasia has a queen and she’s a magic queen, those are always fun Pip; Yeah ain’t sure how fun she looks Malvina: Doing some last minute shopping for tonight Giselle: What’s tonight? Gasps Giselle: Your majesty For the festival m’ lady Giselle: Oh the festival, is that still happening? Malvina: Why wouldn’t it? no power on Earth could stop it , it’s my gift to the people Giselle: Of course your majesty Malvina: That’s an interesting trinket Giselle: Why don’t you focus on your little festival? Baked goods are what you do best your majesty You know I was just realising this is her very first festival in Modernlasia, have to get you a new dress , get right on that Malvina: Mirror mirror on the wall, who is the most powerful of them all? Did you not hear the question? I did your majesty, just don’t want to end up shattered on the floor if I can help it He mustn’t have understood the question, We said most powerful not prettiest , this guy I don’t know what’s happening Malvina: I do, It’s that wand she’s being so coy about, it’s dripping with magic , even a fool could see that , you two get it for me Ruby: You mean steal it? Rosaleen: Yes your majesty Malvina: Oh Giselle what have you done? Giselle: Dresses certainly are different Morgan: How do I look? Giselle: Oh Morgan you look wonderful, what do you think? Morgan: It’s beautiful Giselle: We’ll take it Morgan: You really don’t have to do that, I’m sure it’s very expensive Giselle: That’s really a very aggressive twinkle You know I was thinking, I really do have a figure for fashion The finest hourglass would shatter with envy Let’s try them all Pip: What’s that smell? oh Hey it’s me, I fell into a gutter , you buy the whole town? Giselle: It’s not all for me, picture our Morgan the belle of the ball in this Oh , well Well Morgan: It looks different in this light Giselle: Hardly fit for a maid Pip: Not exactly how I would have put it , what? It was a little judgy Morgan: Well I’m off to market then I’ll return for the ball Oh thank you for everything stepmother Giselle: Stepmother? My hair is so high and my dress so low , of course I want that dress made from rags, people like me always do Pip; Like who? What are you talking about? Giselle: Oh no I’m afraid my wish is turning me into Pip: Into what? Turning me into? Pip: Into what? A wicked stepmother Pip: What? Oh I can totally see that Whose rathole is this? Giselle: Morgan’s , stepdaughters always live in attics or dungeons, you know what this means? I am the villain of Modernlasia Pip: Well you’re not the only one That’s silly , there’s only one villain except for minions and things you didn’t know were villains Modernlasia’s different because there’s you and that evil queen you made Giselle: She’s not evil Pip: Have you seen that outfit? With the big gestures and the crazy eyes You better unwish that I don’t feel so Giselle: What’s wrong? Stepmothers don’t have cute chipmunks as friends , they have Pip: Cats, evil ones , I can’t be a cat, they eat chipmunks, I’m gonna be sick Robert; Adventure out here, a fellow in distress, finally Are you a dragon slayer? Robert: I shall slay the beast I wouldn’t , it is very large And cranky Robert; A very large and cranky dragon is just what I’ve been looking for Have you done this before? Robert; Of course, I have slayed many a dragon I shall persevere , I shall conquer the pregnant beast No offense but you should find another profession Pip: What are you doing? Giselle: Nancy said if we had any problems , all we had to do was ask Scroll; magical wand wishing experience, any questions you shall have, just ask and I shall appear Pip: Hey we’ve got no time for this Good kitty Giselle: I’m sorry, My friends a little anxious because we need to undo a wish as soon as possible Scroll: Didn’t like what you got? Giselle: I wished for fairytale life and it turned the town into a place like Andalasia and I’m slowly turning into an evil stepmother Pip: And I’m a soon to be evil cat Scroll: You changed the world , you changed the world? You know how much magic it takes to make that happen? You know where all that magic comes from? Andalasia This is world ending stuff This is definitely a wish to be unwished Giselle: We need to know how to unwish the wish Scroll: Welcome to magical world, it’s you , we always build in a certain amount of time in case you change your mind Thank goodness you are not all villain yet Careful with the tassels How far along are we? Wicked Giselle: Wicked good Scroll: The other three are vain Giselle: I’m not vain , just look good in everything Scroll: There it is Cruel and ambitious Your clock has not yet run out Pip: What kind of clock do you mean? Scroll: Could be anything, Have you seen the flower petals dripping ? How about clock counting down to midnight with an omnibus sound ? Pretty on the nose, that’s classic stuff You know that’s not a litter box, that’s where I live Pip; What happens at midnight? Scroll: Everything is set and nothing is what it was before, your wish is permanent for all time, I did that for effect All you have to do is use the wand labelled wand Where is it? Giselle; It’s gone Scroll: Good luck with everything That means it’s cruelty, can’t let this happen, have to fight it Have to find a way to stop this Pip; I have to lick this for some reason Giselle; It’s going to be okay As we say in Andalasia magic fixes everything or breaks it then we need even more magic to undo the magic then everything’s fine At least I look fine That’s not important Speak for yourself, Robert will appreciate it it If he isn’t slain by something, oh my god she’s right, I’m right, he thinks he’s a prince with a sword Morgan, Although nothing ever happens to young girls in Andalasia they just sing and pick flowers or sometimes get trapped in a tower or kidnapped by trolls or witches Oh my Good morning Morgan, ready for the festival? Morgan; Of course , my stepmother even bought me a new dress, she’s never done that before -everyone’s giddy with anticipation I’ll be hanging flowers unscented flowers to enhance the festive nation They’ll be merry men in the courtyard even waltzing in the halls Won’t it just be perfect Won’t it just be perfect Won’t it just be perfect Don’t you think it’ll be just perfect Of course, isn’t it always? It’s another perfect Modernlasian morning Shiny children playing beneath shiny sky , every bird singing extra prettily, t’s perfect So why aren’t I? Everyday I play it, Who I really am, I’ll never let them see It’s another perfect Modernlasian morning I’m feeling deep inside where the weird parts of me hide, maybe perfect isn’t perfect for me Admit there’s adventure Admit longing for romance Everyday I crave I could do it if ever given the chance There’s a joy of possibility , I have a feeling by the corner or out by the bay some kind of change could be coming my way Wildly imperfect but Perfectly right for me I never wanted to be perfect , just a chance to do and be what’s right for me Tyson: This fruit is very squishy today Morgan: Well then I would be careful, the squishy dragon fruit can be a little bit grumpy Merchant: Can I help you love? Giselle: Do you have anything that can reverse magic you didn’t intend to use? Perhaps a poultice or an unguent or a those can be very powerful Merchant: No unguents no, this one makes your eyelashes curly Giselle: Curly eyelashes , why not? Tyson: So I assume you’ll be attending the ball this evening? Morgan: I am Giselle: Evil stepmothers never take this well Since this is your first ball maybe I can show you around , make sure you have the perfect partners I’ll give it to her Ruby: I got it for her Rosaleen: I’m the one who carried you out of there Malvina: Can’t be that powerful, I suppose I should see what I can do with it, I wish Ruby was a toad Mirror, what kind of magic is this? Scroll: Ask any question and i shall appear That’s an easy one, it’s Andalasian magic , who are you? Grab it Scroll: Please I’m ticklish over there, my tassels , careful with the fine print Malvina: Did you say any question? Scroll: Away, poof Malvina: No you’re not going anywhere I have questions, lots and lots of questions , start from the beginning or I might do a little editing Morgan: Oh the most wonderful thing happened, Tyson asked me to the festival Giselle: But I’m afraid you won’t be attending the festival this evening after all You have far too many chores Morgan: But I’ve done all my chores Giselle: What about the carpets in the hall? Awfully dusty , windows, I can’t see a thing Then there’s the garden, chimneys filthy business Yes perhaps there were a few that I missed , surely they can wait Giselle: Are you speaking back to me! Morgan: No of course not , I would never Giselle: Perhaps you need to remember your place , can’t leave your room only for chores Morgan: But I promised Tyson Giselle: Oh come now Morgan a boy like Tyson has plenty of options , far better ones Can enjoy your evening From up here on your little perch , that’s sarcasm isn’t it? Not so hard to understand Morgan: Stepmother please you can’t be this cruel Giselle: I can’t help it dear , it’s just who I am Giant! What are you doing? Robert: I’m going to take this rope and tie it Help me, I’m stuck! Robert: You’re okay, the big bad giants gone Mommy! I turn around for one second We are in your debt You are truly a hero Robert; I wouldn’t say that Thanks to you, our family is safe, I’m forever grateful Going somewhere? Morgan; It’s not , it’s not what you think, I just had to tell Tyson why I wouldn’t be there, I’ll be back in no time at all Giselle: You will be because you’re not going Morgan? Morgan: Stepmother Are you okay? Giselle: Never better, back up to your tower It can’t be , not yet Morgan I’m so sorry, it’s all my fault , I wished for a fairytale life and it’s all gone horribly wrong Or horribly right She doesn’t know what she wants but I do Morgan you have to listen to me Perfect Morgan, Not so perfect after all Don’t you dare I’ll dare all I like Morgan; Stop it, you’re scaring me You’re not going anywhere like this, you have to go You have to do it before midnight Morgan: Have to do what? Giselle: Save us Wretched girl, you three, you look like you’re good with children , my darling needs tending to Pip: I feel Superior to all living things , why were we fighting this? Giselle: Indeed , who knew being a villain could feel so liberating Now we just need to find that wand, what have we here? Villains are many things, one thing we aren’t is powerful , that’s why we have to go through all these ridiculous manipulations, we don’t have any power of our own With Morgan gone, I’m not a stepmother anymore, it’s time for me to take on a new role in this town , I want to be Queen Pip: There’s already a Queen, I feel she’s really attached to the role Giselle: A villain like Malvina can’t resist showing how bad she is to the world What are we doing? I say we give it to her then I have a job for you my pet Pip: Do I get to be evil now? Giselle: Oh yes Giselle: Mirror mirror in her hand who is the most insecure woman whose constant need to ask her own reflection for validation suggests what she really needs to do is to love herself in all the land? Malvina: Giselle a pleasure as always Giselle: I imagine it is, I was hoping I would run into you and look at this it seems I have Malvina: What can I do for you? Giselle: I thought it only fair to give you a chance to hand Modernlasia over to me peacefully before any unpleasantness begins Malvina: And why would I do that? Giselle: This town is mine , I think we both know that Malvina : Sadly I’m going to have you decline your generous offer, had a little chat with your scroll friend It’s clear Modernlasia is everything it was meant to be Giselle: I tried but if you won’t accept the offer you know there’s only one thing that has to happen Ruby: Dance off Rosaleen: See what I gotta put up with Giselle: One of us has to die Malvina: Say midnight Giselle: I’m so sorry to ruin your little party with all this destroying business Malvina: Oh Giselle you are hilarious, Delusional but hilarious - Don’t feel You are upsetting me , I barely even know you’re there Sorry were you speaking, you’re hard to see like a smell in the air Trying to be clever, that makes no sense You don’t see your only insignificance well it’s time you learnt You may think you’re bad but darling I am badder Half bit A wanna be villain You’re a garden snake and I’m a big buff otter Face it I’m so much better than you Surely you can see it’s ridiculous Two villains in one fairytale this town is too small for the both of us So off into the sunset you should sail I cand send my minions to help you pack I’ll try not to crow I will miss you Alas but you have got to go You may claim to be bad but I’m the better badder The mistress of evil I’m the heart and brains , you’re just the bladder How Can you believe you’re badder than I? No one would bother to tell a story with Maleficent and Cruella My cheekbones are sharper My hair is much more high Jump down a rabbit well Go climb a beanstalk Someone put a stop to her Maybe there’s a house I can drop on her Is a poisoned apple too cliche? Take her to a Roof and toss her off Maybe there’s a spell to make her disappear and when she’s gone, I will the own the town and everyone will cheer You are sorta bad you are so much badder That’s why I have to see she lives happily never after Once I sit atop the villain ladder, everyone in Mondernlasia will totally be in my thrall - Everyone will say Queen we praise ya Because I will not just be badder Nasty Everlasty Flabbergasty Baddest of them all Morgan: What happened? The well Oh no no no , why am I so squinty? And my eyebrows are so pointy , what the heck am I wearing? Is this Andalasia? Not what I imagined? Nancy; Morgan what are you doing here? Edward: Did it by chance include A giant hole in the sky Last night that mysterious hole appeared started pulling all of our magic into some other place Nancy: Tell me what happened Then what? The last thing I remember Giselle was acting really really cruel and that I had to fix it Nancy: The wishing wand, she must have used it Edward: What could she wish for that did this? Morgan: Turned The town into some kind of Fairytale place like this Edward: Morgan a wish so big it changed a world wouldn’t need a little bit of magic, it’ll need all of it, every last bit Morgan: Wait but everything here is made of magic, if that’s a lot, what happens to Andalasia? Edward: If we can’t reverse it everything in Andalasia will be gone forever Ogre: I don’t want Andalasia to disappear forever Morgan: No there must be something we can do, Giselle just needs to remember who she is and she can fix all of this I know she can Edward, of course The magic of memories Morgan: Wait you mean Giselle’s memory tree? It’s real? Nancy: It is and it’s the strongest magic there is Robert: Who are you? We’re garden fairies, I’d turn around if i were you unless you want to get thrown off the roof Robert: Seems like the babysitters have had quite the day Giselle: So have I dear Giselle: We’re going to need something much more regal than this and minions , we’re definitely going to need minions if we want anything done right Robert: Where did you say Morgan was again ? Giselle: Oh who knows, Probably singing to a mouse or something Tonight’s about me Robert: Stop the carriage Morgan wouldn’t just disappear like this unless something happened, something’s wrong, I’m going to find her Giselle: Another fruitless quest, good luck with that Drive Morgan: Okay I knew it was a tree house But that’s a tree house , that’s it, that’s the tree Oh no it’s dead Edward: Never fear we will come up with something very smart very last minute that solves all our problems Nancy: Edward Edward: What? That’s how it works here Nancy: There’s got to be something we can do Morgan: You know for a little girl with no mon, seeing a princess hanging from a billboard was pretty magical, I didn’t know it was real, I didn’t even think about it , what was that? Nancy: You brought the flower back to life Morgan: How? I’m not magic Edward; But these memories are, they live inside you as well , Morgan you’re the key That’s what giselle meant when she said you had to save us So maybe if I take back this tree, it’ll remember who she is, is good Edward: I think we’re running out of time Morgan: What if it doesn’t work? Nancy: It will, you just have to remember the good in those moments because you’re part of them , feel them and they’ll do the rest - Memories are magic Morgan, doesn’t matter how unmemorable they seem, ordinary moments like a look or laugh you shared can bring a gleam of light tin your bleakest darkest hour , memories can save us Morgan, when you add them all together, they paint a picture of all the love you’ve shared and all the love you’ve received We can choose to use it if we dare Power, we find it in the memories we share and we feel it like the sun When we need real magic Morgan, this is where we go Find the song inside you that your memories seem to know Let it grow Let it glow Nancy: Pick one Edward: You go, somewhere needs to stay behind to protect our world - Out of rock grows a flower, a ray of sunshine melts a cave of ice , what makes us strong, love power Love power It’s like soaring on a magic broomstick to the sky above We fly on love Love power Love power Just remember the memories can show us the power of love Morgan: I I think I know what to do Nancy: What is that? Morgan: It’s my memory tree, I can bring her back I think I’m gonna go get some air Malvina: Whatever dear back by midnight Rosaleen: I should be at that party but instead I’m here babysitting you, babysitting this wand all because she doesn’t trust you Ruby; Maybe she doesn’t trust you Rosaleen: I’m not the one she tried to turn into a toad Ruby: Maybe she likes toads Rosaleen: No matter what reptile she turns you I am her right hand woman which means you do the dumb stuff and i look fabulous at the festival Ruby: I’ll tell Malvina you abandoned the wand and then we’ll see who’s the warty toad Rosaleen: I’m not a warty anything Ruby: Look in the mirror lately , an honest one It’s gonna be like that then I guess Pip: Get a life, she hates you both Scroll: Incoming There are no more questions Pip: You ladies have been great but I got a ball to catch Giselle: Do I look ready? There you are my pet, any problems? Pip: No, turns out I’m good at evil Giselle: I’m ready Pip: I hope I’m not undressed , what is this? I’m with her, This is my stop Hello mr wig , hey, hey, hey, you forgot about me Giselle: I wish to be queen of Modernlasia Tyson: Morgan where have you been? Are you okay? Morgan: I’m really not, can I get a lift? Tyson; Of course Giselle: I believe you are in my seat Malvina: You again, I believe it’s time we end this Giselle: Oh yes please Malvina: Why does this keep happening? Tyson: Is this my mother’s doing? Morgan: No it’s Andalasia, it’s breaking through Malvina: Guards destroy her I wish They’re just butterflies , idiots Rosaleen: Your majesty, your majesty, Ruby wants to tell you something about the wand Malvina: Oh does she? Giselle: Hi Rosaleen: She’s the one who left the wand, she deserves to be the toad You’re the one who left the canyon Robert: Nancy Nancy: Robert Robert: Where’s Giselle? Nancy: She’s fine Robert; People are going crazy Nancy: I know, I know, it’s Giselle she’s under a curse Robert: Morgan Morgan: Dad Robert: I have searched both hinder and yond When did my daughter get some brave? Time to be heroes Tyson: Mother stop this Giselle Giselle: Useless garbage Morgan: No Nancy: Giselle no Giselle: This is a very nice place, this is a date Young Morgan: Giselle Giselle: I’m right here Morgan I’m not going anywhere Pip; Oh Oh what the heck is going on around here, Giselle? Giselle: Robert Robert: My sweet Giselle you’ve come back to me Giselle: I don’t want minions Giselle: Where’s Robert? Nancy: He stayed behind to protect Andalasia, all the magic is disappearing, everything Andalasian will die Robert; That means you Giselle: I can fix this Malvina: Stop, I wouldn’t if I were you Tyson: Mother what are you doing? Malvina: Relax darling just a little sleeping potion, was meant for Giselle but this will do Helpful scroll explained at the last stroke of midnight your wish is permanent, I quite like this world, drop that wand and let the clock strike Giselle: If I do that, Andalasia will die Malvina: If you don’t, she will Giselle: This isn’t you Malvina: It is now just ask you Robert: It can’t end like this Tyson: I’m coming with you Malvina: Some heroes Tyson: What do I do? Robert: It can’t strike midnight Giselle: You have to wish a new wish , my magic is almost gone Malvina: That droll little scroll explained no one but a true Andalasian can use that broken kindling Morgan; She’s right, I’m not a true daughter of Andalasia Giselle: You are a true daughter of Andalasia because you’re my daughter And I’ll tell you how I absolutely know - It’s how I would make a world for you that never breaks your heart where you can grow and thrive , you can flower , I will always love you Morgan , I’m so proud of how I know you’ll carry on I’ve known a lot of magic in my life but never anything as strong as power My love for you has power and you’ll have it inside you when I’m gone Morgan: Please don’t go, please don’t leave me, what do I wish for? Malvina: Tick tock, wait where are the chimes? Why isn’t it midnight? Morgan: I wish I was home with my Mom Giselle: Sweet thing Morgan: Mom Giselle: Morgan Morgan: I was so scared Giselle: I know but you saved me , you saved us Robert: I had the craziest dreams last night Morgan: He really doesn’t remember anything? Giselle: Only the person with the magic remembers it clearly , to everyone else it’s like a dream Morgan: I can’t wait for you to explain he was singing with a garbage pall, good luck with that Rosaleen: I had a horrible dream about toads Ruby: Me too Giselle: Morning Edgar Edgar: Giselle, the usual? Giselle: I’m sorry to interrupt , I wanted to apologise for a lot of things I really wanted Morgan to be happy here and I guess I got carried away Malvina: I have a tendency to get carried away , there is a spot on the committee Giselle: I’d like that Malvina: Oh we’re hugging Pip: So a new life began for Giselle and her family Without the magic this time , Robert opened a small practice in town and never rode the train again Sofia sprouted up and Morgan Tyson: Morgan Pip: Well she was still a teenager Morgan; Stop looking at me it’s creepy Giselle: Not looking Giselle: Where is Edward? Did he stay behind? Nancy: He’s here, engaged in battle Edward: I’m not dead You merely grazed me , look I’m barely a limp You’re tiny ones are quite fierce as are you Robert who saved the day with my sword Robert: I hung up the sword , turns out I don’t really need it here Edward: Tragedy, can I have it back? Shall we feast? Nancy: But first a gift Edward: Whatever dish you wish shall appear on this plate That is all that it does, we’re fairly certain Giselle: Maybe you should make the wish Edward: I must defend my honour Giselle: What was that for? Edward: I love you, I can’t wish for anything more - And some days are good and not so but none that we take for granted Cause it’s all the joys and adversities making these memories and although here in this reality my happy ever after might not be , every moment it seems even more