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Disney Performance Model Philippines Portrait October 2021 also known as Disney Performance Philippines is an infamous contest photography created in Montevista, Davao City, Phillippines at October 16, 2021, the contest was for Filipino celebrities or infamous celebrities that had taken a photography from they're homes, at disneyland, or other places for a better photography for the Portraits, some of the Photography was made as Wallpaper, or other Organizer for homes or any gadget devices, even though some of the Celebrities didn't knew that they were Nominated to the Contest they still won in the case of Toni Gonzaga and Gabbi Garcia who were the first winner in October 2021 .

They're photography were contested and the pictures with the best photography will won if they meet the criteria, the criteria was a good background, famous photography, it must be a Disney characters or Disney Princess .

Somehow in October 24, 2021 it was dissolved .


October 2021[]


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