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Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey is a video game of the Disney Princess franchise, which was released for PlayStation 2, Wii and Windows in 2007. It was released on PlayStation Network on February 15, 2012 in Europe. It was advertised alongside Disney Princess: Magical Jewels.


The players can interact with various characters and solve problems by way of a magic wand that they are given at the start of the game. The players can collect gems and transform Bogs into non-threatening butterflies. As players complete each world a gem will shine in their avatar's necklace and their castle will become less run down and more fixed up.


The game follows an amnesiac young girl (Isabella Fuhrman) that is brought to a dilapidated castle called "Gentlehaven" and set on a quest to travel to the homes of various Disney Princesses and help solve problems caused by mischievous creatures called Bogs. The player travels to several worlds inhabited by Ariel (Jodi Benson), Jasmine (Linda Larkin), Cinderella (Jennifer Hale), and Snow White (Carolyn Gardner) ultimately culminating with a battle between the player and Zara - an ex-princess who is trying to stop every girl from becoming a princess. After successfully defeating Zara the player is informed that she is a princess and that she can now travel to the world of Belle (Paige O'Hara) to solve additional problems.


  • Some copies of the Wii version came with a folded poster of the Disney Princesses in their Season of Enchantment dresses that advertised Enchanted Journey and Magical Jewels at the bottom.