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Disney Princess & Me is a line of dolls, similar to the My First Disney Princess line, featuring the Disney Princess as children. It is manufactured by Jakks Pacific. Currently the line has been discontinued.

However, unlike other lines featuring princesses as children, this line has more real faces and better-crafted clothes.










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  • The line was discontinued in 2017.
  • This line is very similar to the lines, My First Disney Princess, and Disney Princess American Girl.
  • Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle and Tiana were considered the protagonists of the line.
  • Each doll had a silver or gold crown.
    • Cinderella, Ariel, Tiana and Elsa, they had silver crowns.
    • Aurora, Belle, Rapunzel, Merida and Anna, they had golden crowns.
  • On each crown there were also diamonds that symbolized the princess.
    • Cinderella, Merida and Elsa have blue diamonds; Aurora and Anna have pink diamonds; Ariel and Tiana have green diamonds; Belle have yellow diamonds; Rapunzel has purple diamonds.
  • In an exclusive version, Anna and Elsa come with accessories to complement the children's costumes.
  • In their first versions, Rapunzel, Anna and Elsa had exclusive boxes.
    • In the case of Merida, in her first version, her box was already the same as the other princesses in the line.
  • It is unknown why Snow White and Jasmine were excluded from the line.
    • Pocahontas and Mulan probably didn't participate because they weren't very popular princesses at the time.