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Disney Princess GBA game

Disney Princess is an action-adventure video game developed by Art Co., Ltd. for the Game Boy Advance. It was released on April 4, 2003.


Playable Princesses[]

Non-playable Characters[]


Snow White[]

  • Chapter 1-The Dark Woods
  • Chapter 2-The Dwarfs’ Mine
  • Chapter 3-Grimhilde The Evil Queen


  • Chapter 1-The Walk in the Woods
  • Chapter 2-Hide and Seek in the Castle
  • Chapter 3-Gaston


  • Chapter 1-Captured Fairies
  • Chapter 2-The Castle in Thorn Bushes
  • Chapter 3-Maleifcent


  • Chapter 1-Lady Tremaine the Wicked Stepmother
  • Chapter 2-The Ball


  • Chapter 1-The Pirate Ship
  • Chapter 2-Ursula’s Cave
  • Chapter 3-Ursula


  • Chapter 1-The Cave of Wonders
  • Chapter 2-Agrabah
  • Chapter 3-Jafar


Designed to appeal to young girls, Disney Princess offers six different stories that center on Snow White, Belle, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, and Jasmine, who play through different levels and defeat their respective movie's villains.

  • Snow White doesn't fight directly, but can summon the Seven Dwarfs with magic music to fight against the Evil Queen.
  • Cinderella uses a broom to chase away Lucifer, and defeats Anastasia and Drizella in a dancing contest at the ball.
  • Aurora uses the good fairies' magic wands in battle to defeat Maleficent.
  • Ariel uses King Triton's trident to zap enemies, including Ursula.
  • Belle defeats Gaston by dropping books on his head when he tries to capture the enchanted objects.
  • Jasmine uses a sword against Jafar, who attacks her with magic and illusory doubles
  • Play as Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Sleeping Beauty and other classic characters
  • Girls will go on an adventure to find the magical Tiara Of Friendship, to make everyone live happily ever after
  • Visit Snow White's cottage where the Dwarfs lived, fly on Aladdin's magic carpet and other great adventures taken straight from the Disney films -- 18 levels of fun
  • Interact with tons of classic Disney characters like the Seven Dwarfs, the Genie and more
  • There's even a great bonus stage featuring a team-up of all the Princesses!

Key Items[]

Snow White Key Items[]

  • Magical Gems

Belle Key Items[]

Keys to the Castle Doors[]

  • Golden Key
  • Silver Key
  • Platinum Key

Aurora Key Items[]

Fairy Wands[]

  • Pink Magic Wand
  • Green Magic Wand
  • Blue Magic Wand


  • Pink Potions
  • Green Potions
  • Blue Potions


  • Pink Rosebushes
  • Green Rosebushes
  • Blue Rosebushes

Cinderella Key Items[]

The Missing Items[]

  • Cup of Tea
  • Book
  • Mirror
  • Amethyst
  • Tea
  • Lucifer

Ariel Key Items[]

Keys to the Cage in the Pirate Ship[]

  • Silver Coral Key
  • Iron Key
  • Pink Coral Key
  • Purple Seashell Key


Snow White's Treasures[]

Belle's Treasures[]

Aurora's Treasures[]

Cinderella's Treasures[]

Ariel's Treasures[]

Jasmine's Treasures[]