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Disney Princess Beginnings is a series of illustrated storybooks based on the Disney Princess franchise. Each book introduces one of the Disney Princesses as a young girl, starting with Cinderella Takes the Stage and Belle's Discovery on January 3, 2017.

Since Mulan's Secret Plan, the series has been re-titled as Disney Before the Story and has included Anna and Elsa in the series as well.


Cover Title Release Date
Disney Princess Beginnings
Cinderella Takes the Stage
Cinderella Takes the Stage January 3, 2017
Before Cinderella met her Fairy Godmother and dropped her Glass Slipper, she was a young girl, and this is her story. Ella, or Cinderella, as her parents fondly call her, is getting ready for a puppet-show contest when she meets an unexpected friend, Val. Val doesn't have much, but she teaches Ella how to sew. In return, Ella shares her sewing materials with Val. On the big day, the girls both put on great shows. But who will win the grand prize?
Belle's Discovery
Belle's Discovery January 3, 2017
Before Belle went to the enchanted castle and met the Beast, she was a young girl, and this is her story. At age seven, Belle is happy living at home with her father. But at school she feels like an outsider. Then one day she discovers a run-down bookshop. Determined to bring the store back to life, Belle shows all her classmates how wonderful books and stories are.
Ariel Makes Waves
Ariel Makes Waves July 25, 2017
Disney Princess Ariel and two of her sisters are swept out to sea by an enormous wave in this all-new story! Lost and with no clue how to get home, the young girls encounter many new things. The little mermaid is fascinated by her first trip to the surface and a human shipwreck! But can Ariel’s quick thinking help them find a way home or will they be lost forever?
Jasmine's New Rules book
Jasmine's New Rules September 5, 2017
Disney Princess Jasmine is nine years old. She has private tutors, fancy clothes, and even a pet tiger, but what she really wants is a friend her own age. When a royal family from a nearby kingdom comes for a visit and brings his son, Jasmine is excited. But she and the boy don't have much in common. But then, while on an exciting underground adventure, Jasmine meets the son of one of the palace workers. Will Jasmine finally find a true friend?
Tiana's Best Surprise
Tiana's Best Surprise January 2, 2018
Disney Princess Tiana is planning a surprise. Her daddy’s birthday is coming up and she wants to make him the best gumbo ever. But there is one problem—she has never made gumbo without her daddy’s help. Will Tiana be able to make her dream come true and give her father a gumbo he will be proud of?
Aurora Plays the Part
Aurora Plays the Part October 2, 2018
Disney Princess Aurora does not even know she is a princess! She has lived her entire life in a cottage in the forest with her Aunts Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather. She is thankful for her animal friends and the birds that sing with her, but she longs for some adventure. When she meets a young girl who is part of a traveling troupe of actors, Aurora's whole world opens up.
Moana's Big Leap
Moana's Big Leap August 13, 2019
Young Moana is always ready for a new challenge! It is eight-year-old Moana's first time participating in the Tiale celebration, a festival that occurs every ten years and honors a brave female ancestor. Thanks to determination and coaching from her mother, Moana competes in the cliff diving competition!
Disney Before the Story
Mulan's Secret Plan
Mulan's Secret Plan January 7, 2020
Before Mulan saved China...she was a girl ready to learn! Mulan can't wait to start school. She's excited to learn! But when class starts, she realizes that it's not quite what she was expecting. And if she and her friends really want to learn something, they're going to have to do it their own way.
Anna Finds a Friend
Anna Finds a Friend March 3, 2020
Before Anna saved Elsa in an act of true love, she was a young girl looking for a friend. When Anna's parents, Queen Iduna and King Agnarr, go off on a trip, Anna finds herself lonelier than ever. Her sister, Elsa, seems determined to avoid her, and all Anna wants is a friend to play with. She imagines another girl her own age, Astrid, and sends her a letter. To her surprise, Astrid writes back! But as the two become friends through their letters, Anna begins to wonder if Astrid is closer than she first thought.
Elsa's Icy Rescue
Elsa's Icy Rescue March 3, 2020
Before she was Queen of Arendelle, Elsa was a young princess with a magical gift. Elsa cannot wait to spend time with her family at their summer home. Her powers seem to be getting stronger every day, and their family vacation seems to be the perfect opportunity to test out her icy abilities. But while Anna can spend all day playing outside, Queen Iduna tells Elsa she must continue her lessons to prepare for her future as Queen. As magical mishaps seem to happen more and more, Elsa begins to wonder if she has what it takes to one day become Queen of Arendelle and if the powers she always believed made her special might be a curse after all.
Pocahontas Leads the Way
Pocahontas Leads the Way September 29, 2020
Pocahontas is always looking for an adventure. When Nakoma's younger brother falls ill and the tribe's healer needs a special herb to treat him, Pocahontas recruits Nakoma to come with her on a harrowing journey. Will the two girls retrieve the plant in time? Or will their differences cost them the mission and their friendship?
Snow White s Birthday Wish
Snow White's Birthday Wish December 29, 2020
The king tells Snow White that she can have any horse she wants for her birthday, but the only one she wants is the hurt stallion she found in the woods. Where did he come from? Does he belong to someone else? Snow White’s special bond with nature guides her as she tries to do what’s best for the horse … and make her own birthday wish come true.

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