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Disney Princess Enchanted Tales was a planned series of direct-to-video spinoffs "in which short stories about the various princesses from the Disney canon were paired according to some thematic overlap". Originally, the first installment in the series was titled A Kingdom of Kindness, which featured stories about Aurora and Belle, respectively. Trailers for this installment on various Disney DVDs, but it was never released. The second installment, referred to simply as Disney Princess Enchanted Tales on various DVDs, was scheduled to be released in 2008 with new stories respectively about Cinderella and Mulan. It too was never released, and only one installment, Follow Your Dreams, was released in 2007. This installment fared poorly in home video sales, and it is believed that this performance was what convinced John Lasseter to make Disneytoon Studios put an end to the direct-to-video sequel business.




  • Originally, the series was going to be called "Disney Princess: Princess Fairy Tales" (spoken in the trailer as simply "Disney Princess Fairy Tales"). The original logo and name were featured in a trailer on Disney Princess Sing-Along Songs Vol. 3: Perfectly Princess in 2006.
    • Another early trailer featured the Enchanted Tales logo in blue instead of pink. Similar to the previous logo, the Disney Princess logo was seen in an oval above the shape surrounding the words "Enchanted Tales", and a different font was used.
  • Although a second volume was never released, a bonus disc from the special edition re-release of the DVD included Mulan, Cinderella, and Belle's songs from their cut episodes. Mulan and Cinderella's songs played over clips from their respective movies (since the second volume presumably did not have a custom animated sequence before cancellation), while Belle's song had an animated sequence. These songs are titled "Working for a Dream", "Happiness Was Made to Share", and "You'll Never Lose Your Love".
  • Despite the series never truly coming to fruition, a decent amount of merchandise was released, including dolls, playsets, games, and other various toys and items. Since all of this merchandise consistently features art of the princesses in gold dresses with a pink background of clouds and gold border, it can be speculated that this series of visual traits were supposed to be exclusive to Enchanted Tales.
    • According to the back of the box of the Disney Princess Enchanted Tales edition of Yahtzee Jr., this line of dresses is called "Season of Enchantment", further linking it to the planned Enchanted Tales series.
      The back of the Enchanted Tales edition of Yahtzee Jr. box, which features both logos. Belle, Aurora, Jasmine, Ariel, Cinderella, and Snow White appear at the bottom of the box in their gold dresses, in that order. The text reads: "This golden edition of YAHTZEE features the world's most cherished princesses: Ariel, Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, Jasmine and Snow White, all dressed in their shimmering Season of Enchantment finery. Roll the dice and see how many of them you can match in your turn

      The back of Yahtzee Jr., Disney Princess Enchanted Tales edition

    • Due to this, it can also be speculated that Disney Princess: Enchanted Journey and Disney Princess: Magical Jewels were intended to be direct tie-ins. Both the first volume of Enchanted Tales and Enchanted Journey came out the same year, the DVD was advertised on the back of the game's manual, and the game's packaging and in-game content uses the visual traits of Enchanted Tales content. Magical Jewels was released in 2006 but was advertised alongside Enchanted Journey and features the same packaging patterns.
    • The Enchanted Tales branding also received a handheld Zizzle game and a Bella Dancerella DVD.