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Disney Princess Sing-A-Long Songs: Enchanted Tea Party is the second Disney Princess Sing-A-Long. The second volume released on DVD and video in September 6. 2005.


In a beautiful palace garden, under a shining sapphire sky, the most delightful celebration in the land is about to begin. It's an enchanted royal tea party, and your little princess is the guest of honor!

On the wings of music and magic, your child will discover a lovely kingdom of happiness, harmony and dreams come true. There, she can sing along with her favorite Disney Princesses as they perform their best-loved songs from Disney's award-winning classics. Plus, she'll be the belle of the ball as she learns wonderful dance moves and sings karaoke-style too! So give your little girl the crown jewels of Disney's musical library, and let the enchantment reign for ever and a day.


The Fairy Godmother and you decide to invite all the Princesses to a tea party.


Final Song


For a full transcript of Disney Princess Sing-A-Long Songs: Enchanted Tea Party, click here.





  • Cinderella- Pumpkin Muffins
  • Ariel- Seahorse-shaped Cookies
  • Jasmine- Backlavah/Tea
  • Belle- French Pastries
  • Pocahontas- Cornbread
  • Snow White- Apple Tart
  • Aurora- Blueberries & Pink Raspberries
  • Mulan- Green tea & Sweet cakes
  • Maid Marian- Bread-and-Butter
  • Alice- English Scones, Cream and Jam
  • Melody- Sea-Creature Candy on Cupcakes


  • Though Maid Marian is in the Sing-A-Long she is not seen dancing during Where Dreams Begin.
  • Includes Karaoke, Dance Along, Princess Tea Time
  • Hosted by Sheryl Bernstein.