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Disney Princess Sing-A-Long Songs: Once Upon a Dream is the first Disney Princess Sing-A-Long song. The first volume released on DVD and video in September 7, 2004.


The Fairy Godmother takes you through the land of Enchantment to learn about the Princesses.


Sound the trumpets and prepare for the ultimate celebration of magic, music and dreams come true! Introduce your little princess to the one special collection that features all of her favorite Disney Princesses performing their most cherished songs from Disney's award-winning classics.

Your child's imagination will soar as she sings, dances and pretends along with Cinderella, Belle, Ariel and all the Disney Princesses. And for the first time ever, all the princesses join together to sing an enchanting, all-new song, "If You Can Dream". So help your little girl get her crown, put on her gown, and get ready for a musical adventure overflowing with charm and delight that's perfect for any little princess and her royal family.

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  • Hosted by Sheryl Bernstein.
  • Includes 3 Multi-Level Learning-Based Activities, Karaoke, Dance Alongs (although as a bonus feature instead of being placed in the program).