DisneyWorld, also known as Florida Disney, is a theme park for Disney World.


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Fun Moments Galore

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  • Magic Kingdom- the main kingdom of DisneyWorld. Contains many of the more popular attractions.
  • Epcot, the park from the future. Contains DisneyWorld's most popular attraction, Soarin'.
  • Hollywood Studios, formerly known as MGM Studios, is the Disney theme park based on Hollywood. Contains many popular attractions, ? including the Hollywood Tower of Terror and Star Tours.
  • Animal Kingdom, the kingdom made to honor animals.?

Places You Can find the Disney Princesses

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  • Note all of the officials appear at the restaurant in Norway in Epcot.
  • Snow White can be found at the Norwegian diner at Epcot, Germany in Epcot and in the parades SpectroMagic, Main Street Electrical Parade, Mickeys Soundsational Parade and the Once Upon a Dream Parade.
  • Cinderella can be found at Cinderella's castle and at several meet & greets, as well as having cameos in several shows in DisneyWorld. She is meetable at the Norwegian restaurant,
  • Aurora appears in many DisneyWorld shows as well as in the parades Mickey's Once Upon a Christnastine Parade, Jubilation!, Mickey's Soundsational Parade and the Flights of Fantasy Parade.
  • Ariel can be found in Ariel's Grotto and the Norwegian Restaurant in Epcot. She is also found in the show Voyage of the Little Mermaid and has cameos in Fantasmic, Philharmagic, and the park attraction Peter Pan's flight.
  • Belle can appear at the Norwegian restaurant and is a meetable character in Epcot's France and other places. She also appears In Storytime with Belle and Beauty and the Beast Live!
  • Jasmine can be met at the Norwegian Restaurant and Epcot. She is meetable usually with Aladdin, Genie and/or Jafar. She has cameos in Fantasmic and Philharmagic.
  • Mulan is found in China in Epcot. She makes cameos in Fantasmic.?
  • Pocahontas can be found in Animal Kingdom and is the only princess, other than Tiana and Rapunzel, to not be in the Norwegian Resteraunt. Pocahontas has cameos in Fantasmic!. the park attraction It's a Small World and The Golden Mickeys (on Disney Cruise Line).
  • Tiana can be found at Tiana's Steamboat Jamboree, Liberty Square in Magic Kingdom and Main Street, USA. She also is found a lot in the hotel the Port Orleans Resort.?
  • Rapunzel can be found at Epcot in Germany.?

Expected to Join

  • Merida can be found in Fantasyland in the fairytale garden, and at the World Showcase in Epcot.
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Unoffical (Can be Found)

  • Minnie can be found almost anywhere.?
  • Alice can be found in England at Epcot, all DisneyWorld Parades, and at the Attraction Alice an the Mad Hatter's Tea Party, occasionally.
  • Wendy can be found walking around the parks, mainly at Epcot's England.
  • Tinkerbell can be found in Pixie Hollow and at the Electrical Parade.
  • Nala is in Walt Disney World's Parade of Dreams.
  • Megara has cameos in Fantasmic and on Steamboat Willie.
  • Jane Porter is a rare wak-around character
  • Melody is a very rare walk-around character
  • Kida is very rare.
  • Vanellope is found in Hollywood Studios' Magic of Disney Animation.
  • Kids For Character

Unofficlal Characters that cannot be found

  • Faline
  • Maid Marian
  • Eilonwy
  • Kiara
  • Kiari
  • Ting-Ting
  • Su
  • Me
  • Giselle
  • Kilala
  • Sofia