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Your little slip up will be a minor bump in the road so long as we've got the prince's blood in this.
―Facilier to Lawrence

Facilier's Talisman is a magical pendant that played a heavy role in the ultimate scheme of Dr. Facilier in The Princess and the Frog.


Given to the voodoo doctor by his "friends on the other side", the amulet is capable of transformation spells in two manners: it can pinch someone with its mouth-like compartment, inflicting a transformation spell onto the victim while at the same time, being able to take a sample of their blood. After taking in a blood sample, the talisman allows its wearer (except Facilier) to take on the appearance of that person (though the wearer's eye color and voice don't change to match those from their blood). However, in order for this transformation to last, the talisman must be constantly refilled with the person's blood; otherwise, it will run out and the wearer will slowly revert to his or her true appearance once the last of the blood is drained.

Role in the film[]

For Facilier's plot to kill Eli La Bouff, steal the La Bouff family fortune, and take over New Orleans, Lawrence wore the talisman to disguise himself as Prince Naveen in order to marry Charlotte La Bouff. However, once this is discovered by the real Naveen and his friend Ray the firefly, Naveen pulls the talisman off Lawrence and throws it to Ray. Ray starts to fly away with it, with Facilier and his shadows going after him. When he reaches Tiana, he hands it over to her and tells her to not let Shadow Man get it no matter what. Once in Tiana's possession, Tiana hops away with it as fast as she can and Facilier and his shadows corner her to get it back, but Tiana then threatens to destroy it. Facilier then changes Tiana back to human and tells her that will grant her wish for her dream restaurant in exchange for it. He reminds her of her deceased father, with whom she had shared her dream with. She almost gives it to him but then remembers that although her father never got what he wanted, he had what he needed and never lost sight of what was truly important and she will do the same. She nearly destroys it, but Facilier's shadow grabs it and hands it back to Facilier much to his joy. He then transforms Tiana back into a frog and taunts her for not taking his deal and will now be a frog for the rest of her life. However, Tiana regains the talisman with her elastic, frog tongue and finally destroys it (much to Facilier's horror), thus saving Charlotte's fortune and New Orleans. Being the most vital part of Facilier's plot, the talisman's destruction also resulted in the witch doctor getting dragged to the other side due to being unable to pay back his debt without it.


  • Ray referred to the talisman as a "voodoo hayacall". A "hayacall" is merely Cajun slang term used for objects for which the name is unknown.
  • Tiana sealing Facilier's fate when she smashed the talisman, is a bit similar to how Ariel defeated Ursula in the Broadway musical of The Little Mermaid, by smashing her magic shell.