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And that makes her the best, and don't I deserve the best?
―Gaston to LeFou in Beauty and the Beast

Gaston, is the primary antagonist of Disney's 1991 animated feature film "Beauty and the Beast". He was an arrogant man who only desired Belle's hand in marriage despite the latter not being interested in him, he is the hunter of a small French village and considered a local hero, his deeds were often awed upon by the villagers and he was adored by the women of the town, notably three triplet women named Paulette, Claudette and Laurette, often known as The Bimbettes, his main sidekick ally is LeFou who agrees with everything said by Gaston.


He is a vain, snobbish, arrogant man who thinks highly of himself and lowers himself to darker standards in order to get his own way such as bribing Monsieur D'Arque into placing Maurice in the Maison de Lune Insane Asylum and will only have him freed if Belle agrees to marry him. Gaston is also a sexist man believing that it is not right for women to read and often thinks Belle is in the wrong for doing so.

Physical appearance[]

In the 1991 animated version, Gaston is a man with both a large build and muscles due to his background as a hunter and from seemingly eating a big batch of eggs growing up, he has light skin, blue eyes and black hair that is tied back with a red tie, he wears a short-sleeved red shirt with a golden-yellow collar with matching gloves with a brown belt with a golden buckle, he has black pants that are tucked in his plain, brown boots, he accessorises with a removable brown strap that connects to a quiver that holds his arrows during his hunting trips, on the same trips, he also takes a dark grey gun.

In the 2017 live action remake, he has the same physical features as his animated counterpart but wears a leather red jacket with golden buttons which is left opened revealing his light brown waistcoat and a white frilly ascot. He wears brown pants instead of black and black and brown plain boots.

In the live action 30th Anniversary Celebration released in 2022, he is a man with black skin, combed back black hair and a just visible beard connecting to his sideburns, he wears a red waistcoat that is buttoned up by buttons and connected at one side, a white undershirt, cream pants and black boots and accessorises with a red cape.


Beauty and the Beast[]

After watching Belle walk through the village, Gaston declares to LeFou that he will be the one to marry Belle as he deems her the only girl in town worthy of being with him, after attempting to get through the crowd of villagers during "Belle", Gaston catches up to her and claims that it is not right for women to read as he believes she could focus on other things such as himself and wondering how she could focus on reading a book that does not have any pictures though Belle insists she is fine with her imagination, Gaston attempts to show off his muscles but Belle shows no interest in liking him, after she mentions she is in a hurry to return home to help her father, LeFou's tease of Maurice needing actual mental help causes Gaston to laugh though the latter chastises LeFou for his words after Belle states her father is a genius, both Gaston and LeFou laugh upon seeing a small explosion from Belle's house as the latter runs home.

Still seeking her hand in marriage, Gaston later visits Belle in her home after declaring to the attending villagers that he will be married to her but that he is still yet to propose. Upon entering, Gaston explains how he wants a family, claiming that he wants a wife to be there to massage him after his hunting trips, a few dogs and adds that he wants six or seven sons to be like him before revealing to Belle that he wants her as the wife, Belle claims that she is not the right woman and successfully gets him to leave by unlocking the door as Gaston goes in for a kiss, he falls and lands in the mud.

Humiliated by his public rejection, Gaston sits in the tavern on his chair by the fire and laments on how he feels disgraced, LeFou cheers him up by singing "Gaston" and suggests that even though Belle and Maurice dislike him, the other townsfolk still appreciate him as the men in the tavern join in and agree. When Maurice enters the tavern after being released from his prisoner status after being captured by The Beast, he asks for help and claims that a "horrible, monstrous beast" has taken his daughter captive though the men see him as crazy as Gaston seemingly agrees to help out though him and some of the men have Maurice thrown out, Gaston then gets the idea of saving Belle and explains his plan to LeFou through "Gaston (Reprise)" as the two leave.

That night, Gaston sees Monsieur D'Arque in the tavern and bribes him into imprisoning Maurice in the asylum and states it would not be under false pretenses due to everyone believing he is crazy anyways, Gaston offers to have him freed if Belle agrees to marry him, D'Arque accepts the offer. Upon discovering that neither Belle nor Maurice are home, Gaston orders LeFou to stay outside as he leaves. After learning the two are home, Gaston waits outside with a mob as D'Arque tells Belle that he is there for her father, Belle exits her house and proves Maurice's innocence by proving The Beast is real by using the Enchanted Mirror given to her by the former, though Belle attempts to assure the townsfolk that he is not the monstrous being he is said to be, Gaston states the opposite and rallies together a mob of the male members and takes them to the castle, declaring that he will kill the beast inside after locking Maurice and Belle in the basement of their house.

After arriving at the castle with his allies, the team becomes ambushed by the inhabitants of the castle who appear as furniture and other objects due to the curse placed on them, Gaston continues his hunt solely and discovers his target alone in one of the rooms, he shoots at him with an arrow and slightly wounds him before shoving Beast through a window in an attempt to have a fight ensue, Gaston mocks Beast for his approach on not wanting to fight and becomes enraged at the idea of Belle being in love with the Beast, after being threatened to be dropped from a high position on the castle, Gaston begs for his life to be spared as the Beast, now no longer being controlled by his temper, tells Gaston leave, while the Beast attempts to reunite with Belle, Gaston stabs his target in the back but soon loses his balance and falls to his death.

Beauty and the Beast (2017)[]

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Beauty and the Beast: A 30th Celebration (2022)[]

Gaston's appearance in the 30th celebration is the same as his 1991 counterpart with the only differences being he locked Belle and Maurice in the Asylum cart rather than the basement and that his mob included women instead of just men.


  • "Gaston"
  • "Gaston (Reprise)"
  • "The Mob Song"

Other media[]

  • He was revived in the Descendants franchise where he lives on the Isle of the Lost as the father of three sons, twins Gaston Jr. and Gaston The Third and Gil, he was mentioned in first two films, in the first by Maleficent and in the sequel by Gil.


  • He was voiced by Richard White in his debut, portrayed by Luke Evans in 2017 and then by Joshua Henry in 2022.
  • His last name was LeGume in an early draft