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I Will Always Dance is a song featured in the 2022 remake of Pinocchio.


It is heard during the part where Pinocchio is placed into Stromboli's Caravan where he observes Fabiana reciting for the next show with her ballerina puppet Sabina only for Stromboli to find Pinocchio that he cannot perform on stage for free, as well as telling Fabiana to pack up to the next area where the puppet show will perform at.


Fabiana: La-la-la

I may not be a ballerina
But I’ll always dance
And I may not sway in partner
But I’ll know romance
Half-human, half-marionette
I’m practicing my pirouette
I’ll move without apology
And every step will set me free

I will always dance and dream of my plié
They’ll see with just one glance
Me land a grand jeté
They’ll smile and they’ll all talk’ll still need help to walk
But I will always

Sabina: Start with the tango and then the salsa
And there’s the rumba
And then we cha-cha-cha
The paso doble, the quickstep
The two-step, the foxtrot
Merengue, bachata, the mambo, the bomba
The plena, the samba
The kathak, kabuki and more

All you need is your feet
And a beat and the floor
You’ll find your flow
And that’s when you let goLet it go like a child
And be free and be wild
Just do can-cans, not can’ts
Like the girls do in France