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Jushtin Butterfly was a character in Disney animated television series, Star vs the Forces of Evil.


Jushtin Butterfly was a boy with purple hair and green eyes with two four-leaf clovers on his cheeks. He wore a large red hat, filled with huge feathers, with a ruby on the front, a matching red coat with white fur, a cravat with a diamond stud, baggy gray pants, red heeled shoes, a large diamond on a gold ring on his left hand's middle finger, and a gold wrist watch on his right hand.


Jushtin was just a boy, but he could dream. Despite being the “un-queen”, he had proven capable of holding the title, as he had greatly improved Mewni’s tourism.

Disney Story[]

Star vs the Forces of Evil[]

He was shown as a boy who had many dreams, including that of making Mewni a tourist destination, filled with bright lights. Despite being the “boy queen”, he persevered in his dream, making Mewni quite the scene.

He was extremely saddened and devastated by having his birthright be taken from him after his sister who he still barely knew was newly born, even wanting to weep with his mother.



  • Due to Jushtin being Queen Skywynne’s only child at the time, he inherited the throne of Mewni.
  • Jushtin is the only known queen of Mewni to be a male, gaining the alias “Boy Queen”.
    • This makes Jushtin the first Disney Queen to be a male, due to Mewni being a matriarchal society.
      • Although he never officially took the title, this technically makes him a crown princess, as he was next in line to becoming queen.
        • This also makes him the first born-royal princess in Disney media to be a male, at least during the time where he was next in line to becoming queen.