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Just Around the Riverbend is a song sung by Pocahontas during Pocahontas.


[Verse 1]

What I love most about rivers is

You can't step in the same river twice

The waters always changing always flowing

But people I guess can't live like that

We all must pay a price

To be safe we loose our chance of ever knowing


Whats around the river bend

Waiting just around the river bend

I look once more just around the river bend

Beyond the shore

Where the gulls fly free

Don't know what for

Or what I dream the day might send

Just around the river bend

For me.... Coming for me

[Verse 2]

I feel it there beyond those trees

And right behind that waterfall

Can I ignore the sound of distant drumming

Or a handsome sturdy husband

Who builds handsome sturdy walls

And never dreams that something might be coming


Just around the river bend

Coming just around the river bend


Should I choose the smoothest course?

Steady as the beating drum

Should I marry Kokuum?

Is my dreaming at an end?

Or do you still wait for me dream giver

Just around the river bend


Coming Soon!