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King Magnifico is the main antagonist of Disney's 2023 animated feature film Wish. A sorcerer king with the power to grant wishes, he is the founder and ruler of the kingdom Rosas. He is voiced by Chris Pine.


Physical Appearance[]

King Magnifico is a tall man with pale blue eyes and gray and white hair along with a goatee and mustache. His clothes is a primarily white robe that are several colors but particularly white and gold. He is also wears patterned with diamonds along with a cape. Interestingly, once he begins using dark magic, his eyes glow green when he taps into the power, and as he gets more and more corrupted his eyes normally gain more green flecks until they are entirely green. However, once trapped in the mirror and enslaved by the dark magic, his eyes return to blue.


King Magnifico is admired by everyone in Rosas; he is inspiring, charismatic and benevolent to others and keeps the wishes of Rosas safe. He is intelligent and decides to grant the wishes he sees as safe, but he has a somewhat flawed view of this practice and is defensive about his choices of what wishes to grant even when he makes more egotistical choices. He is in awe of his own powers and will do anything to protect them and to not lose anyone else he cares about, but in doing so becomes jaded and constantly seeks praise: he adores the people’s own adoration of him, but if even one person questions him he will fly into a fit of insecure rage.

At the mere idea that someone is challenging his power, he will also grow extremely rageful, and becomes bent on discovering who would dare use magic other than him. In doing so, he breaks his promise to his wife Queen Amaya, who he cares for deeply and seems to be greatly in love with, and grows obsessed with protecting his version of the kingdom. Using dark magic corrupts him as the film goes on, and it gets easier to set off his temper, and he becomes much more selfish and hateful and is willing to break people’s wishes. He begins to care more about his own power than anyone else, discarding his love for Amaya and his appreciation for his subjects.

He enjoys the power of being corrupted so much that he accepts the corruption as a part of him, and after his defeat still somehow thinks he should be praised and grows upset when people do not and when his wife breaks it off with him.