Kiss the Girl
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Film: The Little Mermaid
Composer: Alan Menken and Howard Ashman
Performer: Samuel E. Wright
Character: Sebastian

Kiss the Girl is a song sung by Sebastian and the other creatures to try and get Eric to kiss Ariel .


There you see her

Sitting there across the way

She don't got a lot to say, but

There's something about her

And you don't know why

But you're dying to try

You wanna kiss the girl

Yes, you want her

Look at her, you know you do

Possible she wants you, too

There is one way to ask her

It don't take a word

Not a single word

Go on and kiss the girl

(Sing with me, now.)


My, oh, my

Look like the boy, too shy

He wanna gonna kiss the girl


Ain't that sad

Ain't it a shame?

Too bad

He gonna miss the girl

Now's your moment

Floating in the blue lagoon

Boy, you better do it soon

No time will be better

(Ya, ya, ya, ya, ya)

She don't say a word

And she won't say a word

Until you kiss the girl


Don't be scared

You got the mood prepared

Go on and kiss the girl

(Whoa, whoa, whoa)


Don't stop now

Don't try to hide it how

You wanna kiss the girl

(Whoa, whoa)


Float along

And listen to the song

Song say kiss the girl


Music play

So what the music say

You gotta kiss the girl

Kiss the girl

Kiss the girl

Go on and kiss the girl

Come on, then

KIiss the girl


Kiss the Girl

Kiss the Girl

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