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Kumandra is a fictional land that is based on Southeast Asian cultures. It is comprised of five separate clans who form the Land of the Dragon together. Now that the dragons are gone, Kumandra is under attack by a "dark sinister force" that only a dragon can defeat. It wasn't till this "dark sinister force" was finally defeated that all the dragons returned.


Kumandra's geography is diverse in each of the five regional Kingdoms. The nation has the shape of a dragon (quite similar to Sisu), formed by a huge lake or central river, from which many more small rivers are born. Most of the land is an immense tropical jungle. With the northern mountains made up of abnormal mountainous and snowy area full of snow-covered forests and the eastern part consists of a huge desert with no lakes and or rivers.



Before Kumandra separated, the people of Kumandra lived with the same culture of worship towards dragons and what they symbolized. After the land separated in to five separate lands, they each developed their own culture, such as clothing, architecture and cuisine. But there are still cultural aspects that all the lands share such as: