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LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest is a Disney+ special


In LEGO Disney Princess: The Castle Quest, Tiana, Moana, Snow White, Rapunzel, and Ariel are off on an adventure as they are each unexpectedly transported to a mysterious castle. Shortly after arriving, they soon discover that Gaston has hatched an evil plan to take over all their kingdoms! The Princess characters must work together to solve challenges hidden deep within the castle walls and try to save their kingdoms from Gaston. Will bravery, quick-thinking, and teamwork prevail?


The story begins under a clear, bright blue sky, where Rapunzel is happily painting a picture. She becomes startled by large storm clouds forming overhead, and drops her paintbrush. Snow White who was about to give a horse a carrot, Tiana who is cooking gumbo, Moana who is sailing, and Ariel at the beach see them too.

The scene soon changes to show a castle, which is surrounded by a magical, bubble-like dome. Inside, Gaston, who is trying out a magic wand, has created a dark clouds in every kingdoms of the princesses, gathered the magical objects from every realms and entrapped King Triton in a fish tank behind him and tries to use the magic wand to possess his trident which it’s outside, to make him ruler of land and oceans.

Gaston aims the wand at the trident, but the magic doesn't work, and the trident remains firm in its place. King Triton tells him that he will never get the trident, because it's too sacred. But Gaston dismisses him. He turns to the Magic Mirror, asking it, out of spite, to tell him how many castles he controls. It tells him that he controls many castles, and shows images of the castles. The Mirror tells him that he could gain even more kingdoms, as long as nobody interferes. Gaston is offended at the fact that anyone would dare try to challenge him. But King Triton proposes a challenge securing him his freedom and tells him that if he lets someone challenge him, he might win the trident, Ariel, and all seven of the seas, if he overtakes them. But if King Triton's warriors win, then he will have to be released to his rightful home, trident and all. But Gaston isn't fazed by the challenge to which he asks who would challenge him and bring forth the bravest warriors of all. The mirror begins to summon people that it warns that together, are strong enough to put him in his place. The Magic Mirror summons Snow White, Ariel, Tiana, Rapunzel, and Moana, for they are the only ones that could out best him and save the kingdoms. Ariel, shocked at the sight of her father imprisoned demands his release, but Gaston refused to do so until he gives him what he wants and then tells them that if they complete all three challenges that he will set up, then they win. The princesses agree to partake in Gaston's challenge, and the rest of the princesses follow suit. He begins the challenge by puncturing the tank by breaking the fish tank with his crossbow so that King Triton slowly loses water to motivate the princesses, which means that he is slowly running out of water. They have to complete the challenge before he runs out of water, and dies.

The princesses split up. Ariel and Moana set off to find the Magic Carpet in the sea while Snow White, Tiana and Rapunzel head to the Dark Forest to find magical flower called the Sundrop Flower.

Snow White, Rapunzel, and Tiana go into a room with an apple symbol while Ariel and Moana enter a room with a seashell symbol. Inside each is a cozy room. But they soon realize something is missing: the Magic Carpet and the Sundrop Flower. Ariel and Moana ask the enchanted dresser if they can look inside, and she gladly agrees, her doors open to reveal a beach, and Gramma Tala swims out as a manta ray. Moana rushes into the dresser with Ariel. Ariel digs into the sand with a key, and they find a treasure chest with a map inside. Moana and Ariel quickly set sail on the map's route.

Meanwhile, Tiana finds her father's cookbook on a shelf, which strangely opens to become a door. Leaping through it, Tiana, Snow White, and Rapunzel find themselves in a dark forest, where Rapunzel's hair starts to glow. They assume the magic flower is close by. They find it after a long search, but the trees grab them when they try to pick it. Wrestling free, they quickly pick the flower.

Gaston brews a storm which is overpowered by Ariel who transforms into a mermaid when going on the sea water and Moana's connections to the ocean and the two of them come across a pirate ship planning to steal the Magic Carpet from the pirates who gather the treasures. The other three princesses are chased by hungry wolves that they befriend through Snow White's ability to talk to animals and successfully found the magical golden flower. Ariel and Moana are confronted by the pirate ship's captain, Iago, who attempts to destroy them. His attempt is defeated by Moana, and the two of them get away on the Magic Carpet and return to the castle.

Once everyone found what they were looking for, they're transported back to the castle and reunite. All the objects that they've found get transported to Gaston, to his delight.

head for the third and final door stand in front of one last door with is decorated with a dragon design which it’s a third and final challenge where they must navigate a maze which it's a thorny and black. When they go inside that adds walls when they have insecurities. The maze feeds off the princesses' anxieties, insecurities and doubt, but once they notice this, everyone tries their best to believe in themselves and over come them, and Ariel climbs to the top of the wall and uses her powerful singing voice to destroying the entire maze and guide everyone out. Gaston who was furious about it attempts to use the challenge as a way of killing the princesses through the dragon named Maleficent and Gaston is prompting her to eat them, but the princesses notice that her wing is damaged and broken and help restore it. Once they do, Snow White talks to her, and explains the situation, this leads to Maleficent siding with the princesses instead and she defeats Gaston while the princesses head back to the castle.

The princesses return to the castle, but once they do, devastated by the sight of her dehydrated father after he has run out of water. Ariel who cries, but now confident through her new friends while she's told not to give up, grabs his trident, using it to and the five common it to send him back to the ocean which it does. The princesses question the logistics of the castle, to which Magic Mirror reveals that the castle is also made for them and theirs. The princesses move into the castle and each get their own special rooms based on their respective identities. The girls admire the castle, glad that Gaston is defeated, and their work here is done.



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  • Among Gaston's collection of stolen magical artifacts include:
    • King Triton's trident and Ursula's Necklace from The Little Mermaid.
    • Genie's Lamp and the Golden Scarab Beetle from Aladdin.
    • A pumpkin and the Fairy Godmother's magic wand from Cinderella.
    • The Enchanted Rose, Enchanted Mirror, and Beast's ripped portrait from Beauty and the Beast.
    • A lantern and Vladimir's helmet from Tangled.
    • Sword of Shan Yu and Cri-Kee's cage from Mulan.
    • Aurora's tiara, the Sword of Truth and the Shield of Virtue from Sleeping Beauty.
    • Louis's trumpet from The Princess and the Frog.
    • Moana's shell from Moana.
  • Ariel turns into a mermaid when go into the water.
  • Moana says Aw coconuts, Cubby’s catchphrase.
  • Iago is the captain in this special.