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"Some times family weirdos just get a bad rap." - Mirabel

Mirabel Madrigal is the protagonist of Disney's 2021 animated feature film, Encanto.[1] She is the youngest daughter of Julieta and Agustín Madrigal, who has the distinction of being the only Madrigal without a magical gift.


Mirabel is the youngest daughter of the Madrigal family and the only Madrigal child who did not get a gift, having to face many difficulties and challenges such as sometimes being left out of her family. But when the magic is in danger of disappearing, Mirabel might be the last hope for the Madrigal family to restore the magic.


Mirabel is an optimistic young girl who, despite her lack of having a magical gift, manages to scrape by with her down-to earth-approach to solving problems. She is known for being imperfect, quirky, and a little werid, but also deeply emotional and empathetic. Despite her happy and loving nature, Mirabel has insecurities about her place in her family: being the only child not blessed with a gift, she feels like an outsider to the family (believing she contributes nothing to her family and community) and thinks she disappointed her family, particularly her Abuela, who is quite hard on her for not getting a gift. Despite this, Mirabel genuinely loves her family and wished to receive a gift to make her family proud, as well as benefit her community. She is very brave and adventurous, as she was willing to save the magic despite the repercussions and the danger she faced.

Physical appearance

Mirabel is a fifteen-year old[1] teenage Colombian girl with hazel eyes, thick black eyebrows, black curly hair, and visible dark shade of freckles on her nose and cheeks. She wears green round-framed glasses, and a white shirt with black trimming on it and colorful butterfly stitching on it and in the middle of her dress it has her name stitched on it. She wears a long light blue skirt with colorful butterfly prints on it and sandals with pink linking on them. She also wears an indigo petticoat and white bloomers. Additionally, she wears blue earrings.

Powers and Abilities

Mirabel has no magical powers, unlike the rest of her family. However, she does have a stronger affinity with the Casa Madrigal than most of her family; she communicates with the house (or casita) like it is a real person and the casita responds to her prompts and helps with her daily routine.


  • Mirabel is not only the fourth Disney animated protagonist to wear glasses (after Milo Thatch, Chicken Little, and Lewis Robinson), but the first female protagonist to do so.
    • Initially, during the "Vanellope and the princesses" sequence in Ralph Breaks the Internet, Snow White was to reveal she was actually nearsighted and needed glasses. There was even some merchandise portraying Snow White wearing glasses, but, for some reason, this trait was dropped.
  • Early in production, the character's name was Mariana.[2]
    • The name Mirabel means "wonderful".
  • Mirabel is the second human female protagonist from the Disney Animated Canon to debut in 2021, after Raya from Raya and the Last Dragon.
    • This marked the first time in history that two human female protagonists from two different Walt Disney Animation Studios films debuted in the same year.
  • Many thought that she could join the Disney Princess franchise along with Raya, but that ended up not happening. While Raya entered the Disney Princess franchise, Mirabel gained her own franchise called Encanto.