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Mor'du is the main antagonist of Brave.

Disney History


When Merida was young he followed her to the camp and attacked, biting off her father's leg. Later in the movie, he finds Merida and Elinor-bear in his castle. He tried to kill Merida but Elinor saved her. Then, when Elinor-bear was captured. he attacked the group of people and nearly killed both Elinor and Merida before he was killed by a falling tree. Then, the spirit of Prince Mor'du nods to Merida and flys away as a Will o' the Wisp.

The Legend of Mor'du


Mor'du was the eldest son of a king, and the heir to the throne. He is noted for being strong. Then his father grew ill. On his deathbed he said the kingdom would be separated into four peices, for his four sons, so each could use his power to make the Kingdom stand. But Mor'du, feeling betrayed by his father, declared war, because he wanted the whole kingdom. He went to the Witch and gave her his ring in exchange for a potion that would make him stronger than ten men. He called his brothers under a false truce and then, to their protests, drank the potion she gave him. He turned into a black bear. Instead of fixing the problem by mending the bond, he slaughtered his brothers. His army attacked him, thinking he was a bear, but Mor'du killed most of them and chased away the others.




  • In Temple Run: Brave, the Shadow Hunter outfit is named after him.
  • Mor'du is French for "bitten".