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"More Than a Peacock Princess" is a song performed by Jasmine and Iago in the direct-to-video Disney film, Disney Princess Enchanted Tales: Follow Your Dreams.


Jasmine: Another satin gown

Another rose bouquet

Another king, another ring, another boring day

I'm gonna sound the call

From Mecca to Siam

I'm more than a peacock princess

I am!

Iago: Yeah, right!

Jasmine: I am!

Iago: Not quite!

Jasmine: I smile and I wave

I wave and then I smile

I sit on one more camel's hump

For one more bumpy mile

I'm not just one more silk

In Daddy's caravan

I'm more than a peacock princess

I am

Iago: I believe she is

Jasmine: I can find a cure

I can help the poor

I could soar if they'd give me half a chance

When will they get a clue?

There's so much that I can do

Iago: You can knock 'em flat

Jasmine: Be a diplomat

Iago: It's apparent the girl's got talent

Jasmine: Send the Sultan

A royal telegram

I'm more than a peacock princess

Iago: You're more than a peacock princess

Jasmine and Iago: I'm/You're more than a peacock princess

Jasmine: I am

Iago: You are

Jasmine: By far

Iago: A star

Jasmine: I am