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Morgan is the daughter of Robert Philip and the stepdaughter of Giselle Philip.

Disney History


Morgan is Robert's daughter. She loves fairytales and is highly dissapointed when he gives her a book on famous women instead of a fairy-tale book.She was sad when she heard Nancy might become her stepmother. She was the reason Robert found Giselle. She loves Giselle and loves to do everything with her. She also helped Robert notice the scene during Happy Working Song when a pigeon woke her up breaking a dish. Before the ball it is revealed she has a credit card for emergencies and she takes Giselle shopping. At the end Giselle marries Robert instead of Nancy and Morgan couldn't be more happier.




  • When Robert walks into Morgan's Room and asks her to hang out in his room that night, she is holding a plush Belle doll.


  • Morgan with her dad and stepmom
  • Morgan and Giselle
  • Morgan and Nancy
  • Morgan