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My Perfect Wedding is a 2004 paperback book based on Cinderella.


Planning a wedding is a big job—but not too big for a princess as great as Cinderella! Plus, this storybook comes with a press-out tiara.


When the lost glass slipper perfectly fit Cinderella's foot, the Prince knew he had finally found the girl he fell in love with at the royal ball. Now, it's time for the happy couple to plan their wedding! The only problem is...Cinderella has never planned a wedding before. So when Prudence, who runs the household for the King, steps in to help, Prudence's idea of a perfect princess wedding is a far cry from Cinderella's. Will the two be able to see eye-to-eye, or will Cinderella's wedding be ruined? Don't miss this delightful tale about true love and friendship! Cinderella is planning her perfect wedding in this luxuriously illustrated and printed in a larger font ideal for budding readers. Once a Princess-always a Princess. This Storybook Library will delight parents and children who share a love of storytelling. Relive the magic of Disney's animated film princesses-with all the enchantment, romance, and wonder of dreams that really do come true.