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Noi is a supporting character in Disney’s 2021 animated feature film, Raya and the Last Dragon. She is a swift and intelligent toddler from Kumandra’s Talon Land. After losing her family to the Druun, an orphaned Noi was adopted by a band of mischievous Ongis. To survive, she and her companions became con-artists, and used their cute appearances to hustle the people of Talon.


After her family is lost to the Druun, 2-year-old toddler Noi is raised by the Ongis. In the trading port of Talon, she leads the group’s hustle, distracting passersby with her cuteness while the Ongis rob them blind.

Role in the Film[]

As Raya devises a plan to her friends to find a piece of the Dragon Gem at Dang Hai's lair, the group pauses upon seeing Noi cry, much to Tuk Tuk believing that this could be a trap. As it is revealed that the three Ongis are revealed to be con artists, Noi follows the Ongis as Raya chases her and the three Ongis across the harbor of Talon. Following a tough chase, Tuk Tuk manages to foil her and the Ongis. After Raya asks Noi to know where her family is, she and the three Ongis prepare to leave. Instead of leaving, Raya devises a plan to Noi and the three Ongis to sneak up against Dang Hai and and earn loot from him.

Arriving at Dang Hai's palace, Noi and the three Ongis perform in front of a group of Talon guards outside the lair as Raya plans to face against Dang Hai only to find Chai instead. It is then known that Dang Hu, the most vicious Chief that Talon has ever seen, has the piece. Having escaped from Dang Hu and retrieving the Gem piece from her, Noi and the three Ongis appear on the Shrimporium as she tackles with Sisu.

On their way to Spine, Noi begins eating the shrimp in Boun's kitchen alongside the three Ongis just as Boun tries to stop them from messing his kitchen just as Raya thinks of playing hide and seek to help Boun, which distracts the four as Boun thanks Raya for taking care of them.

Upon arriving at the Land of Spine, Tuk Tuk barges into Tong's hut just as Noi and the three Ongis tie up the lone warrior of Spine on a post. Later as Raya devises a plan to Tong to protect her friends, Noi escapes with Tong across the forest along with the rest of Raya's companions as they escape into the Shrimporium. Back on the Shrimporium, Sisu then devises a plan to Raya to help her fight against the Druun just as Noi and the rest of Raya's friends agree to help her defeat the Druun just as the boat is on their way to Fang.

Upon arriving at Fang, Noi and the three Ongis devise a plan to distract Namaari as part of Raya's plan to help Raya get inside the temple of Fang. However, she returns to Tong, to which he explains to Raya that the baby's name is Noi, to which the conversation is disrupted upon seeing a flare in the sky. The next day, Noi and the rest of Raya's friends confront Namaari before she fires her arrow at Sisu. With Sisu gone, Noi and the rest of Raya's friends react to what happened to what Namaari did to her just before the Druun arrive at Kumandra again. As the Druun continue plaguing Kumandra, Noi is petrified along with everyone at Kumandra as the gem's magic fades away.

With all the pieces of the Dragon Gem reunited, the Druun is wiped away, just as Noi is revived alongside everyone at Kumandra. Noi and the three Ongis return to Talon as she reunites with her family. Later, Noi then visits the kingdom of Heart with everyone else in rejoice.