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"Out of Thin Air" is the second song of Disney's 1996 animated sequel, Aladdin and the King of Thieves. It is a song sung by Aladdin and Jasmine.


Jasmine: You showed me the world
When I was all locked up inside,
You reached out your hand
And took me on a magic carpet ride
One look at your smile,
And I could see the light
Shining everywhere
People like you don't come out of thin air.

Aladdin: Oh, Jasmine
You don't understand
There is so much that you don't see
Just think, if you can,
What growing up had to be like for me
Your father's a man
Who taught you who you are—
Mine was never there
So how can you say
I don't come out of thin air?
There's so much I want to know

Jasmine: You've got the chance to learn

Aladdin: If it means I'd have to go—

Jasmine: I'll be right here when you return…
Our wedding can wait

Aladdin: I love you

Jasmine: I think it's worth this small delay

Aladdin: Maybe you're right

Jasmine: And won't it be great
To have your father see our wedding day?

Aladdin: I've waited so long

Jasmine: It isn't too late

Aladdin: To learn the truth

Both: And now at last, we can finally say

Jasmine: Your father is really there

Aladdin: There's so much that we might share

Jasmine: And you'll finally learn

Both: (You) (I) don't come out of thin air