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Palace Pets is a spin-off franchise to the Disney Princess franchise about a group of small royal pets who live with the Disney Princesses. Some are similar to the pets the Princesses have in their original movies, such as Sultan and Rajah, Jasmine's tigers. To support the spin-off, an app called Disney Palace Pets is available in the iTunes app store. A web series based on the franchise, Whisker Haven, also exists.


Each Palace Pet has been found and adopted by their respective princess. They originated from different types of situations, and always end up being with the princesses. Each of them has a resemblance to her or his respective owner, whether it is in appearance or accessories. The franchise is a departure from the princesses' original animal allies in their respective movies. Each of them are being cared by the Disney Princesses.

The kingdom of Whisker Haven lies in a secret realm, and can only be accessed by the Palace Pets through magic portals. The Princesses cannot enter Whisker Haven; instead, the Palace Pets are the ones managing the kingdom with the help of Miss Featherbon, the hummingbird fairy of Whisker Haven.


Picture Species Owner Voice Actor(s) Description and Story
Palace Pets - Berry
Rabbit Snow White
  • Cassandra Morris
  • Emma Salzman Template:Small
  • Grace Kaufman Template:Small
Berry is a pale azure bunny who belongs to Snow White. She has brown eyes, a pink nose, a big, white tail, and wears princess accessories like her bow-shaped tiara.

During a stroll in the forest, Snow White found her hiding beneath a blueberry bush and immediately discovered her fondness for food. Berry's personality is shy.

Palace Pets - Sweetie
  • Sarah Williams
  • Alexandra Peters Template:Small
Sweetie is a pale blue pony who belongs to Snow White. She has a sky-blue mane and tail, light brown eyes, and wears red jewelry.

The cute pony loves pies, and would do anything for one of her owner's delicious pies, from prancing, to jumping and twirling like a top! She's a talented pony with a big heart, and everyone loves looking at her funny performances.

Palace Pets - Muffin
  • Cristina Vee
  • Olivia Sanibia Template:Small
Muffin is a yellow Poodle who belongs to Snow White. She has brown eyes, a brown nose, and pale blue ears, hair, and tail. She wears red jewelry, two bows on her pigtails, and accessories. Muffin wears a small dark blue cape and has a diamond-studded collar with a red bone tag.

Snow White met her when the seven dwarves found her helping a little bird who had fallen. They thought she was the perfect pet for the princess! Together they rescue the woodland creatures that are in trouble. Muffin also loves spending time with Snow White.

PP - Honeycake
Kitten Honeycake is a white kitten with purple eyes and a pink nose. She wears a red headband with a bow, a dark blue cape with a white collar, and has a yellow bow on her tail.

Snow White found Honeycake when she was digging in the Royal Gardens. The two are always together and Snow White found a smart way to use all the holes this funny kitty makes in the ground: she plants new flower seeds in them. She likes gardening with Snow White.

PP - Thistleblossom
Hedgehog Thistleblossom is a light blue hedgehog with blue quills and rich brown eyes. She wears a red bow in her quills, a red collar, and a yellow bow on her tail.

She was discovered by Snow White while she made her way home one winter's day, just as she was beginning her hibernation. She was awoken by the warmth of the room Snow White brought her to, and immediately ran to the window to observe the snowflakes outside.

Madame Hamilot
Hamster Madame Hamilot is a hamster with light yellow fur, brown eyes, small pink nose and ears, and a patch of lighter fur across the front side of her body. She wears a golden bow with a heart, a dark blue cape, and a red bow on her tail.

She was found in the bushes snacking on the strawberries by Berry. So Berry brought Madame Hamilot home to Snow White where she could snack on lots of delicious treats.

Palace Pets - Pumpkin
Puppy Cinderella
  • Tara Platt
  • Bailey Gambertoglio Template:Small
Pumpkin is a white Poodle dog owned by Cinderella. She has big, blue eyes, a brown nose, and her hair is styled after Cinderella's hair.

Pumpkin was an anniversary present to Cinderella from the Prince! This glamorous puppy loves to attend royal balls, twirl, and dance.

Palace Pets - Bibbidy
  • Melissa Fahn
  • Riley Go Template:Small
Bibbidy is a white pony with a light pink mane and tail, blue eyes, blue hooves, and blue princess accessories.

She was given to Cinderella as a wedding present by the Fairy Godmother and she's Cinderella's most helpful pony and adores doing chores.

Palace Pets - Slipper
  • Kathleen Barr
  • Gracie Grenier Template:Small
Slipper is a chubby pale blue Persian cat owned by Cinderella. She has blue eyes, a pink nose, a white muzzle, and light pink bangs and tail. She wears blue jewelry and accessories and a silver tiara.

Cinderella has always adored this pretty kitty. She's got a wonderful talent: finding pretty objects that Cinderella uses to create pretty jewels. That's why the princess is fond of repeating "She's my hidden Gem!"

PP - Brie
Mouse Hannah Swain Template:Small Brie is a pale blue mouse with blue eyes, a pink nose, white muzzle, and pink bangs. She wears a silver tiara with a blue gem in it and a yellow bow on her tail and has yellow accessories.

A one of a kind mouse who loves to play and take care of her bigger friends, the horses. She knows a lot about them and is very loyal, which greatly impressed Cinderella after finding out she has lived in the stables for so long. She loves to keep the horses company.

Wildcat Midnight is a blue European Wildcat with a white fluffy tail and fluffy hair with a crystal crown. He has dark blue stripes with two blue bows - one on his tail and around his neck.

When Midnight comes to Whisker Haven, his favorite place to visit is Mr. Chow's Kibble Shop. Midnight could spend hours tasting and comparing all the different flavor combinations.

La Grande
La Grande
Corgi La Grande is a yellow corgi puppy with a pink tail with a blue bow. She has blue eyes and wears a silver crown and necklace.
Palace Pets - Beauty
Kitten Aurora
  • Erin Fitzgerald
  • Myla Beau Template:Small
Beauty is a pink kitten who belongs to Aurora. She has purple eyes, a pink nose, and her rosy pink hair and tail are styled after Aurora's hair.

Aurora met Beauty one warm spring day while on a walk in the garden. This sleepy kitten was snoozing beneath some flowers when Aurora scooped her up. Since Aurora found Beauty, they haven't left each other. This kitten adores sleeping and you'll often find her cuddled up with Aurora. She is named Dreamy in some merchandise.

Palace Pets - Bloom
  • Christine Marie Cabanos
  • Eva Bella Template:Small
Bloom is a light pink pony with lavender eyes, and a lavender mane and tail that are styled in a similar manner to Aurora's hair.

Bloom was a gift from Prince Phillip, and Aurora loves spending time with her. She's the most charming horse in the stable and is a natural performer.

Palace Pets - Nuzzles
  • Nancy Cartwright
  • Breanna Brooks Template:Small
Nuzzles is an orange-and-gold fox pup with violet eyes and a pink tail, and wears gold-and-pink jewelry.

One day Aurora was feeling homesick in the forest, so the Good Fairies presented her with this little fox. She could even look at Nuzzles and smile. Her shyness and keen hearing make loud noises incredibly unpleasant for her. Nothing makes her happier than the peace and quiet of the forest.

PP - Fern
  • Sarah Williams
  • Fiona Bishop Template:Small
Fern is a pink owl with purple eyes and a violet bow.

Unlike all the owls, Fern sleeps in the night. Aurora met her one summer night, when the little owl flew into her room looking for a quiet place to sleep. Amused by the odd little owl, she invited her to stay. The two have been best friends ever since. Her favorite hobby is exploring the castle's secret towers.

PP - Macaron
Puppy Macaron is an English Cocker Spaniel puppy that shares the same color scheme as Beauty/Dreamy and her hair is also in the style of Aurora's. She has a gold tiara with a heart in it, a pink bow, and has pink accessories.

Macaron is a gentle and kind puppy who dreams of someday gaining her own wand to cast magic. She desires to help others and make them happy, but for now just has fun sitting with Aurora while they watch the Good Fairies practice their spells.

Ash the Dragon
Dragon Isabella Crovetti


Ash is a cute pink and purple baby dragon. She has a gold tiara with a pink gem, a gold collar with a heart, and a gold bow on her tail.

Aurora found Ash as an abandoned egg in the forest and when she hatched, it was love at first sight between the two. Now, Ash thinks Aurora is her mother.

Aurora's Chipper
Chipmunk Abigail Zoe Lewis Template:Small
Palace Pets - Treasure
Kitten Ariel
  • Stephanie Sheh
  • Sanai Victoria Template:Small
Treasure is a scarlet kitten with aqua blue eyes who looks somewhat like Ariel. She has a silver seashell tiara and necklace. She is sweet, curious, and playful, just like Ariel.

Ariel and Treasure met during a trip aboard Prince Eric's ship. Prince Eric's sailors found Treasure and kept her on board the ship, where Ariel met her. Treasure loves the water, but had always dreamed of life in a grand castle.

Palace Pets - Seashell
  • Jessica Straus
  • Cree Cicchino Template:Small
Seashell is a lavender pony who is Ariel's pet. She has aqua blue eyes, a reddish-pink mane, and tail styled like Ariel's hair, and wears green and purple jewelry.

Her personality is sweet, funny, and a bit clumsy. Seashell used to be a seahorse who, like her owner, dreamed of life on land. Like Ariel, she used to belong to the sea and, despite being a horse, she can still swim very well. She also loves seashell tiaras!

Palace Pets - Matey
  • Katie Leigh
  • Dani Dare Template:Small
Matey is a lavender Faroese Sheepdog puppy with aqua blue eyes and a pink nose. He wears pink jewelry and a silver tiara. Matey has white fur on his belly and a white muzzle.

Ariel met him when he was jumping from a boat that had just sailed away from the dock and fell into the water while Ariel was waiting for Prince Eric at the harbor. After Ariel dove into the water to rescue him, she took Matey home with her. Ariel is now teaching him how to swim.

Sandy Pearl
Sandy Pearl
Seal Pup Sandy Pearl is an aquamarine seal pup wearing a seaweed headband, a pink-and-purple seashell necklace, and a furry tail with seaweed ornament.
Sea Otter Evan Kishiyama (Whisker Haven) Otto is a light cyan otter with large, dark blue eyes, and a tan muzzle to match his inner ear and chest. He has a big brown nose. His white and black hat has a red design on the corner to match the red and white ribbon on his tail and the collar he wears.

Ariel was singing on Eric's ship when suddenly another voice joined in on the song. Down in the water was an adorable otter pup named Otto.

Puffin Vivienne Rutherford Template:Small Waddles is a light purple puffin with lilac coloring on her face and belly. She has an orange beak and feet, and feminine, light blue eyes. She has a puffy tail with a turquoise ornament.
Palace Pets - Teacup
Puppy Belle
  • G.K. Bowes
  • Hadley Belle Miller Template:Small
Teacup is a gold King Charles Spaniel with hazel eyes, a pink nose, and a white muzzle and paws. Just like some of the other pets, Teacup looks somewhat like Belle, but has auburn hair similar to the Prince's.

Belle and Teacup met one day in the village square; Teacup was entertaining a crowd by balancing apples on her head! Teacup loves shopping for accessories and she always chooses the perfect pieces for the occasion.

Palace Pets - Petit
  • Stephanie Sheh
  • Natalie Coughlin Template:Small
Petit is a tan pony with hazel eyes and a pink mane that is styled in a similar manner to Belle's hair.

Belle found this little pony on a winter day while strolling near the frozen lake. Petit is adventurous and strong willed, but she doesn't have an easy-going temperament. Petit doesn't let anyone ride her except Belle. She is called Petite in some merchandise.

Palace Pets - Rouge
  • Rachel Williams
  • Mariel Sheets Template:Small
Rouge is a light pink kitten with green eyes, a yellow tail, and hot pink hair with magenta bow and styled like Belle's hair. She wears a gold crown and accessories with pink jewels and a pink bow.

Belle met her when Rouge was found outside the Castle Library. Belle loved her so much she decided to keep her forever. Rouge loves listening and reading stories about far off lands and also enjoys visits to Maurice's messy invention room. Rouge is very curious.

Lop Rabbit Booksy is a pale pink lop-ear bunny with magenta inner-ear to match her nose, puffed bangs, and tail. The heart paw pads of her paws are pale yellow, and she has vibrant green eyes. Her magenta paw-print marking is on her hip.

She wears a gold crown with pink cotton on top, along with a white pearl necklace with a ruby gem, gold cat-eye glasses with a matching cotton at each corner, and a large yellow bow.

Belle and her father were at the fair presenting his wood-chopping machine, but Maurice couldn't get the machine to work. When a brilliant bunny named Booksy stepped up and got it running, she became their invention assistant.

Lamb Ella Gluck Template:Small Page is a cute fluffy lamb with yellow wool, pink hair, pink nose, and green eyes. Her jewelry is decorated with roses, inspired by the rose from the Beast's castle.

Page loves to read just like Belle and Petite, but she also loves to eat the paper after she's read it. If Page doesn't learn to curb her appetite, the library will suspend her membership.

Poodle Lacy is a cute fluffy pink poodle with yellow ribbons on her ears and tail.
Palace Pets - Sultan
Tiger Jasmine
  • Bryce Papenbrook
  • Henry Kaufman Template:Small
Sultan is an orange tiger cub who belongs to Jasmine. He has amber eyes, a pink nose, and a small goatee. He wears a sapphire adorned headband like Jasmine, but with a turquoise feather attached to it, and has a turquoise bow on his tail. Sultan has no necklace, collar or tag.

Jasmine found Sultan napping on a pile of precious silks at the market. This tiger cub may be small, but his bravery is a million times his size.

Palace Pets - Lapis
Yvette Nicole Brown
Lapis is a light turquoise pony whose owner is Jasmine. She has a dark violet mane with lavender braids and tail styled like Jasmine's hair. She has light brown eyes and wears purple and blue jewelry.

One evening when Jasmine was on a magic carpet ride, she saw Lapis galloping below. When the princess landed to greet her, Lapis hopped on board! Now they take magical rides and go stargazing every night.

PP - Taj
  • Carlos Alazraqui
  • Gabe Eggerling Template:Small
Taj is a lavender elephant with brown eyes. He wears turquoise and purple attire and has a gold collar.

Jasmine first met him in the Palace Gardens. The little elephant had hidden so well behind the fountain that it took her a long time to find him. Now, Taj and Jasmine play hide and seek together all day, and she rewards him with juicy mangoes.

PP - Nyle
Monkey Carter Sand Template:Small Nyle is a teal monkey with brown eyes and mint highlights. He wears gold accessories with a bright gem on his crown and collar.

A naughty monkey with a big heart: That’s Nyle, Jasmine’s favorite rascal. He loves pranks, but when he feels loved, he can become the most loyal of friends. Jasmine was buying spices when Nyle jumped out of a vase and started blowing raspberries at Abu. Jasmine realized that he behaved so naughtily because he felt alone and was looking for a friend, so she took him to the Palace. Now Abu and Nyle are great friends!

PP - Stripes
Zebra Stripes is a lavender zebra with purple stripes, aquamarine tail, and a purple-and-aquamarine mane. He has brown eyes, aquamarine hooves, and wears hot pink accessories.

Stripes met Jasmine at a party at the Sultan's palace, and she invited him to stay! At Whisker Haven, he loves to pal around with his new friends.

Hippo Nola is a pale aquamarine hippo with a thin, curled magenta tuft of fur on the tip of her tail. She has pink toes to match her inner-ear. She has brown eyes and wears a purple headband with a magenta feather sticking out from the top of her gem ornament, matching her collar and purple bow.
Cheetah Shiloh Nelson


Sandstorm is an orange and pale yellow cheetah with light brown markings all over her. She has purple eyes, and her inner-ear is pink. She wears a cyan bow on her tail and a turquoise collar.
Palace Pets - Windflower
Raccoon Pocahontas
  • Marieve Herington
  • Mila Brener Template:Small
Windflower is a raccoon whose owner is Pocahontas. She has sky-blue fur, brown eyes, and a dark blue nose and ears. She wears a jewel adorned headband with purple, pink, and blue feathers, and she also wears a shawl with a design similar to Pocahontas' dress.

She is a very mischievous raccoon. The pet loves exploring and playing, but she can't help getting in trouble. Pocahontas was at the river, when she heard a noise and saw a big frog leaping in front of her. Just then, the princess noticed something moving inside an old hollow log. She approached and found Windflower!

PP - Pounce
  • Lucien Dodge
  • Lyons Mathias Template:Small
Pounce is an amber-and-gold bobcat with light brown eyes, facial markings, and a pink nose. He has a headband with a magenta and red feather atop it and a collar that looks similar to Pocahontas' necklace.

When Pocahontas saw little Pounce holding an ornamental feather in his mouth, she just found him really cute. Since then, Pounce has been the princess' little helper. His weakness? When he sees a feather on the ground, he can't resist chasing it to add to his collection.

Wolf Kate Higgins Template:Small River is a cute little teal wolf pup. She has brown eyes, a pink nose, and wears gold and bronze accessories with pink feathers.

River was howling at the moon, feeling so sad and lonely, until Pocahontas found her and invited her to camp.

Pony Brook is a light blue pony with brown eyes and dark indigo mane and tail styled in a similar manner to Pocahontas' hair. She wears gold, blue, and pink accessories with vermilion feathers.
Palace Pets - Blossom
Panda Mulan
  • Stephanie Sheh
  • Madisyn Shipman Template:Small
Blossom is a panda cub who belongs to Mulan. She has light periwinkle and dark blue fur and lavender eyes. Blossom wears gold and green jewelry and Chinese accessories.

This lovely panda cub is the most cheerful pet anyone could wish for. Mulan met her during a banquet, when Blossom was hiding under her table.

Palace Pets - Lychee
Sarah Williams
Lychee is a light pink pony with lavender eyes and dark purple mane and tail styled in a similar manner to Mulan's hair. She wears pink, purple, blue, and green jewelry and a lilac bow on her tail.

Lychee met Mulan when Mulan was busy getting ready for the Chinese New Year celebrations. Meanwhile, Mulan found her horse Khan teaching the little pony to jump some high obstacles. Lychee was feeling tired so Khan left her alone. Mulan was so surprised to see that Lychee was trying to jump. So she encouraged her with a special paper lantern. From that day on, Mulan and Lychee have been inseparable. Together they can overcome any obstacle they meet, even the highest.

File:PP - Plumdrop.png
Cherami Leigh
Plumdrop is a light lavender kitten with a purple face and paws, along with a pink bushy tail. She wears pink flower-themed jewelry.

Mulan met Plumdrop when she was given to her by Grandmother Fa, whom she visits for tea. Since then, the two have been inseparable. Plumdrop is still quite clumsy, but she’s always ready to do her best to make up for it.

PP - Snowpaws
Snow Leopard Snowpaws is a snow leopard with emerald green eyes, a pink nose, blue sports, violet eyebrows, and a pink tail.

When Mulan saw Snowpaws peeking out from behind a snow sculpture she'd made, they became best friends. The Pets love this "crafty" snow leopard's artistic talents!

Javan Rhino Alora is a sea green Javan rhinoceros with an emerald green mane and tail, and purple eyes. She has red ribbons on her ears and one on her tail and her neck. She wears a purple crown on her head and a purple cape on her back.

Alora met Mulan after spotting her charging at Lee when they were training for field sparring. Now she's become Mulan's protector since the day they met.

Red Panda Chai is a pink red panda with white coloring on his ears, belly, mouth, eyes, and cheeks. He has green eyes and a dark pink nose to match the eyebrow-like markings above his eyes, and dark pink stripes on the tail to match the coloring of his paws.
Palace Pets - Lily
Kitten Tiana
  • Marieve Herington
  • Darielle Stewert Template:Small
Lily is a pale lavender kitten who is Tiana's pet. She has a pink nose, and, like Tiana, she has light brown eyes and short wavy bangs. Like her favorite Princess, Lily loves Jazz music and adores dressing up in her finest ragtime outfit.

Tiana met Lily one night while working in her restaurant. She tried to give her some food but curious Lily was much more interested in the music. Lily could even wag her tail to the beat.

Palace Pets - Bayou
Jeannie Elias
Bayou is a light yellow pony with light brown eyes and a violet mane and tail that have Tiana's signature short wavy bangs.

Every princess loves a pony, and when Naveen's family gave her lovely Bayou, Tiana was happier than ever.

PP - Birdadette
Bird Birdadette is a lilac bird with purple hair and light brown eyes. Her tail is composed of light purple and pink feathers. She has a fluffy, light purple curled hairstyle with most of it sticking up, worn with a pale green crown with a pink design in the middle. She has brown eyes and pale orange feet and beak. She wears a pale green ribbon around her neck and tail.
Olive pug
Puppy Olive is a little, light green Boston Terrier dog with a pale yellow muzzle and inner-torso. Her nose and inner-ear are pink, while her eyes are brown. She has a short curled tail held with a leafy, light purple accessory to match her headband and necklace.

Olive loves helping Tiana in the restaurant! So when she visits Whisker Haven, she adds a little New Orleans flair to Berry's recipes.

Palace Pets - Blondie
Pony Rapunzel
Katie Leigh
Blondie is a pony owned by Rapunzel. She is yellow, with blue eyes and a blonde mane and tail.

Rapunzel met Blondie during a parade to celebrate the princess' return. Blondie is a brave and trustworthy guard pony. She is also very sweet, and no one salutes as elegantly as she does.

Palace Pets - Summer
Colleen O'Shaughnessey
Summer has long blonde hair (which is similar to Rapunzel's) that's braided and decorated with flowers like Rapunzel's hair. Also like Rapunzel, her eyes are green.

When Rapunzel found this kitten, she looked matted and dirty, but she knew what she needed: a home and pampering time at the Royal Beauty Salon! Summer and Rapunzel love to walk together in the meadows.

Palace Pets - Meadow
Melissa Fahn
Meadow is a purple-and-lavender skunk whose owner is Rapunzel. She has green eyes, a purple nose, and her tail is rainbow-colored. Her lavender hair is styled like her owner's hairstyle with flowers in it. She wears a platinum tiara similar to Rapunzel's.

Rapunzel had never seen a skunk before the day she rescued Meadow from Eugene, who was chasing her. The princess fell in love with this unusual pet. She loves parading around the castle like a queen.

Palace Pets - Daisy
  • Sandy Fox
  • Kallan Holley Template:Small
Daisy is a Maltese owned by Rapunzel, who shares the same color scheme as Summer.

She was a wedding gift from the Pub Thugs. Luckily, the princess is just like her, and when they are together every activity becomes special!

Palace Pets - Gleam
  • Melissa Fahn
  • Katherine Forrester Template:Small
Gleam is a tan-colored fawn owned by Rapunzel. She has green eyes, blonde hair, and a rainbow tail similar to Meadow's.

She found Rapunzel lost in the forest and she helped her get back to the castle. She always makes sure Rapunzel doesn't get lost.

PP - Sundrop
Peacock Stuart Stone Sundrop is a pink peacock with green eyes and a rainbow-colored tail. He has a crown with three large gemstones.

Sundrop met Rapunzel when he saw her painting in the village square and he couldn't help taking a closer look. Rapunzel was amazed by his unique personality and they became good friends. His favorite pastime is suggesting new elegant touches for Rapunzel's artwork.

PP - Truffles
  • Rachelle Heger
  • Cassidy May Bennulo Template:Small
Truffles is a pink piglet with purple hooves and green eyes. She wears a gold tiara with shiny jewels, a flower necklace, and a yellow bow.

Rapunzel came across Truffles one day while feeding the animals at the Village Farms. While the other piggies played in the mud, she noticed Truffles, off to the corner by herself, sniffing flowers. Truffles excitedly ran closer to Rapunzel and it was love at first sight between the two.

Bear Spencer Fox Cubbie is a purple bear with pale purple inner-ears, tummy, and paw pads. He has large green eyes and a mauve nose. On the top of his head is a tuft of plum-colored hair. Cubbie wears two flowers on his head, one of gold, one mauve, with a crown-like accessory, along with a mauve ribbon on his puffy tail and a gold collar.

Rapunzel was painting a portrait of Daisy when she realized that her yellow paint was missing. She followed the trail and found Cubbie, who thought the paint was honey.

Web series[]

A web series based on the franchise, Whisker Haven, follows the adventures of the Palace Pets. It is available on Disney Junior's website. Season 1 focuses on Ms. Featherbon, Treasure, Petite (formerly known as Petit), Pumpkin, Sultan, Dreamy (formerly known as Beauty), and Berry with appearances made by Lily, Bibbidy, Sweetie, and the Critterzens. Ms. Featherbon is a newly introduced character; she is a magical hummingbird fairy and the gatekeeper of Whisker Haven. Season 2 introduces several more pets: Taj, Nuzzles, Nyle, Windflower, Pounce, Slipper, Daisy, Fern, Gleam, and Teacup. The pets have different voices than the ones in the app version, as they are mostly voiced by child or teen actors except for Ms. Featherbon. Cameos are made by other Palace Pets, including Blondie, Muffin, Bloom, Booksy, Plumdrop, Olive and Snowpaws.



  • The franchise resembles a cross between My Little Pony and Littlest Pet Shop, as both Hasbro toylines are centered around animals.
  • To support the franchise, the producers created an app called Disney Palace Pets. The app is free and currently only available in the U.S. store. It costs money to wake up the Palace Pets who were added to the app in the recent update.
  • The Palace Pets can talk, but only to each other.
  • Midnight, Matey, Otto, Sultan, Taj, Nyle, Stripes, Pounce, Cubbie, Chai, and Sundrop are the only Palace Pets who are male.
  • The Palace Pets are much more modern than the Princesses' animal friends in their movies.
  • Berry, Thistleblossom, Brie, Midnight, Nuzzles, Fern, Chipper, Sandy Pearl, Otto, Waddles, Sultan, Taj, Nyle, Stripes, Nola, Sandstorm, Windflower, Pounce, River, Blossom, Snowpaws, Alora, Chai, Birdadette, Meadow, Gleam, Cubbie, and Sundrop are the only Pets that came from wildlife.
  • Ash is a fantasy creature, while the others are real animals.
  • Some of the pets, including those belonging to Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Rapunzel, are the same species as the princesses' animal companions.
  • Pocahontas and Tiana are the only Princesses with four Palace Pets.
  • Snow White, Cinderella, Ariel, Belle, and Mulan are the only Princesses with six Palace Pets.
  • Aurora and Jasmine are the only Princesses with seven Palace Pets.
  • Rapunzel is the only Disney Princess with eight Palace Pets.
  • Merida and Moana are the only ones without a Palace Pet.
  • Snow White is the only Disney Princess with a hamster.
  • The Princesses' original poses were edited in order for them to look like they were holding their respective Pets. For example, one clipart of Pocahontas had Meeko replaced with Windflower.
  • Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Tiana, and Rapunzel are the only Princesses who own a dog.
  • Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Ariel, Belle, Mulan, Tiana, and Rapunzel are the only Princesses who own a cat.
  • Snow White, Cinderella, Aurora, Belle, Jasmine, Pocahontas, Mulan, and Rapunzel are the only Princesses who own a pet that are other kinds instead of a pony, a cat or a dog.
  • Bibbidy gets her name from the song "Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo".
  • Muffin and Daisy have pigtails with red and pink bows on their ears.
  • Meadow's colors were originally magenta and pink, but Disney changed them to purple and lavender.
  • Fern, Birdadette, Waddles, and Sundrop are the only birds.
  • Out of all the Pets, only Beauty and Petit have name variations (Dreamy and Petite).
  • In merchandise, the Palace Pets were voiced by adults. In Whisker Haven Tales, they were voiced by children, most of whom were under 8 years old.
  • Stripes, Sandstorm, and Nola are the only pets who came from Africa.
  • Sandy Pearl and Otto are the only aquatic animals in the series.
  • Truffles and Page are the only pets that are farm animals.
  • Blossom, Chai, Alora, and Snowpaws are the only pets who came from China.
  • Belle and Cinderella are the Princesses with two dogs.

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