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Penny is the secondary female protagonist in The Rescuers.

Disney History

The Rescuers

Before the story, Penny was left at the orphanage when she was very young. Around the time the movie begins, Penny was upset on adoption day because she wasn't adopted. She was comforted by Rufus. She cheered up fast, and says whoever adopted her had to adopt her teddy bear, too. Later she was kidnapped by Madame Medusa. She sent a desperate note in a bottle down the river.

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Penny is a plain girl with dirty blonde hair tied in pigtails with two blue bows, brown eyes and wears a white polo shirt, blue sleeveless dress, frilly white panties, gray stockings and brown Mary Jane shoes.


  • In Oliver and Company, she was originally going to adopt Oliver, but creators feared then the story wouldn't be convincing enough, so it was changed to Jenny.

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