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Pinocchio is the main character of Pinocchio. He has been voiced by the late Dickie Jones, Kevin Brando, Peter Westy, Michael Welch, Seth Adkins, Elan Garfias, Nick Carson and Benjamin Evan Ainsworth. Now, Pinocchio is a main character the Disney Princess (Cinderella).

Pinocchio Film[]

Dickie Jones as Pinocchio, a happy wooden puppet carved by Geppetto and turned into a living puppet by the Blue Fairy who dreamed of becoming a real boy. Jones also voices Alexander, one of the boys who transformed into a donkey on Pleasure Island. Alexander can still talk and is hurled into a special holding pen for suchlike donkeys. Pinocchio was animated by Milt Kahl, Frank Thomas and Ollie Johnston whilst Alexander was animated by Eric Larson.



  • In the original story, Pinocchio was little than 8 years old when the Blue Fairy tried to tap on the magic wind him.


  • "Gee, you're funny! Do it again!"
  • "Yes, the Blue Fairy came."
  • "Un-uh, and I got a conscience.
  • "And someday, I'm gonna be a real boy!"
  • "Yeah, cute!"
  • "Look, pretty!"
  • "Pinocchio!"
  • "Oh, it's Jiminy! What should doing up there!"
  • "Oh, Jiminy, I'm going to be an actor."
  • "For me. Gee, thanks! I'll run right home and tell my Father!
  • "Jiminy! Gee, I'm glad to see ya!"
  • "Maybe something awful happened to him."
  • "A raft, that's it! Well take the raft, and when the whale opens it's mouth--"
  • "Hurry Father, more wood!"
  • "Well make him sneeze!"
  • "Father! Whatcah crying for?"
  • "No! No I'm not."
  • "But Father I'm alive see! And I'm... I'm... I'm real... I'm a real boy!"

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