Prince Phillip
Prince Philip disney
Official Disney Prince
Biographical Information
Film: Sleeping Beauty
Number: Three
Princess: Aurora
Physical Description
Race: Caucasian
Hair color: Brown
Eye color: Brown
Appears in: Sleeping Beauty

Prince Phillip is the Prince of Sleeping Beauty.

Disney History

Sleeping Beauty

Once Upon a Time

He was transformed into a fearsome beast by Maleficient to keep him away from Aurora and was later freed from the curse by Belle.  When the curse was brought upon the Fairytale land, Philip and Mulan's land was left out and they were frozen in time until Emma came to Storybrooke and they found Aurora. They were attacked by a Greek Wraithe, and Philip was given the mark. He sacrificed himself for Aurora and Mulan and had his soul taken away. In the finale of season 2 he is seen with Aurora and Mulan finding Neal unconscious on a beach.  How he got his soul back may be revealed in season 3.

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