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Princess Clio is a supporting character in Sofia the First, and the Princess of Corinthia. She is best friends with Princesses Amber and Hildegard and is also a student at Royal Prep. Clio is more accepting of Jade and Ruby, she is the first one to say how fun they are.

Disney History[]

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess[]

Sofia the First[]

In "The Shy Princess," she is paired up with Prince Hugo for the dream castle project for art class. Clio seems to be very happy to be working with Hugo. She also makes a cameo appearance in "The Amulet of Avalor" at Sofia and King Roland's ball.

In "Princess Butterfly," she is the only one of her close friends who managed to sew a leopard costume by herself. Even though her spots fell off, Sofia told her she did a great job.


Clio has tanned skin, dark brown hair, brown eyes, wears a feather accessory in her hair, a pink and magenta gown, and pink fingerless gloves. She is mostly seen without wearing a tiara, the only time she has was in the episode The Royal Sleepover.


  • Princess Clio is based off of the princess of The Rocky Mountains.