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"They say every story has a beginning... except mine. My story has two. That's me: Princess Elena of Avalor on my fifteenth birthday" - Elena Introduction

Princess Elena or just Elena is the protagonist of the 2016 Disney/Disney Channel animated film, Elena and the Secret of Avalor and also the protagonist of the TV series Elena of Avalor. She is a 16 year old girl.



Elena is a beautiful, olive-skinned girl with a slender figure and amber-brown eyes. She has ruby red lips and long, wavy, dark brown hair that she always ties in a ponytail. Her signature outfit is a long red sleeveless over-skirt dress stylized with matching coral gauze ruffle/flounces around the elastic neckline and on the side and bottom with an attached ivory-colored underskirt. Around her waist is a golden belt held in place with a golden buckle. In addition, she wears brown high-heeled shoes with flowery patterns. Elena's jewelry includes a pair of golden engraved hoop earrings, a yellow and blue braided beaded bracelet on her left wrist, and an orange flower hair comb clip on the right side of her hair.


Elena has the heart and mind of a true leader. She is devoted to the welfare of her subjects, her family, and her friends. She is shown to hold her father in high esteem and looks to him for inspiration. Like the Princess who freed her, Elena values keeping promises no matter what and has a strong dislike of disappointing her loved ones, to the point where she can take on more than she can handle and get overwhelmed as a result. Also, like Sofia, she has a personal approach to leadership and a disregard for her own personal safety. Unlike Sofia though, Elena is very confident, to the point where she can be careless. Also unlike Sofia, who is quite particular, Elena can rush into things and miss key points. Her grandfather Francisco noted this to her through the story of the king who thought he had lost his crown, a way of telling her she wasn't ready to rule alone. Elena is reluctant to take advice at the beginning, while Sofia can take too much advice. She's also shown to love Día de los Muertos (Spanish for "Day of the Dead") because she sees it as a party where everyone you love is invited, even those who have passed on to the afterlife and entered the Spirit World, such as her and Isabel's parents after they were slain by Shuriki.

Disney Story

Teenage princess Elena Castillo Flores has saved her magical kingdom, Avalor, from an evil sorceress and must now learn to rule as its crown princess. Elena's adventures will lead her to understand that her new role requires thoughtfulness, resilience and compassion, the traits of all truly great leaders. Since she is sixteen-years-old, she has a Grand Council composed of her grandparents, older cousin Chancellor Esteban and a new friend, Naomi, to give advice along the way. Elena also looks to her younger sister Isabel, her friends Mateo and Gabe, a spirit animal named Zuzo, and a trio of magical flying creatures called Jaquins (a race of winged jaguars) for guidance and support.

Other History

Once Upon a Time

Dania Ramirez was supposed to play Elena in Once Upon a Time as Lucy's mother, however with the 7th season premiere it was revealed that she would actually play Cinderella from another universe.


  • My Time


  • Elena was the first Latina princess in an animation created by Disney.
  • Elena is listed as a Disney Princess in the character list on the Disney website.
  • Elena was the first princess along with Moana, released in the same year, the second were Raya and Mirabel.
  • Elena also made a special appearance in the video for the Disney Princess theme song, "Live Your Story".
    • She also participated with the 12 official princesses (Raya did not exist at the time) in the "Dream big, Princess" campaign.



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