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Princess Sofia is the protagonist of Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess and Sofia the First, the TV series, both of which were released between late 2012 and early 2013.

Sofia is a young girl with a commoner's background until her mother marries the King of Enchancia and she suddenly becomes royalty. Sofia learns that looking like a princess isn't all that hard, but behaving as one must come from the heart.


Sofia is a young girl with shoulder-length wavy auburn hair. She has fair skin with rosy cheeks and large light blue eyes. Sofia's prominent princess gown has a lilac color and comes with a crystal tiara inset with diamonds and pearls, which also decorate her dress. Around her neck, she wears the royal family's amulet called the Amulet of Avalor, which gives her powers for deeds of pure good, the only ones she currently has being the ability to talk to animals and do shape-shifting, though the amulet also curses her when she does something bad, such as making her croak when she bragged about singing the Enchancia Anthem to her friends. The amulet also summons a different Disney Princess whenever she needs help.


Since she was originally a commoner, she retains a very carefree personality and was once seen to enjoy sliding down the rails of the staircase. Her outcast-like behavior often puts her at odds with her stepsister Amber, who was apparently jealous of Sofia due to her social talents. Often times, the firm Hildegarde is a little thrown off by her vivacious persona. She can be quite gullible when around Cedric the Sorcerer. Being new to the royal game, she often lets Amber tow her around and must be brought to her senses by Miranda. Sofia and Amber clash due to Amber loving large events while Sofia prefers quaint things like the maze of secret gardens. They also, most dramatically, have different views on the value of looks and other material things. Sofia prefers the power of the heart, while Amber is more focused on physical value. This makes them two completely different types of princess and will most likely lead to two completely different paths as they grow. Due to past magical experiences, Sofia is usually very careful and hesitant when using active magic, respecting its power and what it's capable of whether it's done correctly or incorrectly.

Disney History

Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess

In the film that acted as the pilot for the series, the young girl's story was told, beginning where she became a princess. Sofia is a young girl of humble origins who lives with her mother Miranda. She becomes royalty after her mother's remarriage to King Roland II. Being new to the entire princess legacy, Sofia attends the Royal Prep Academy where Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather teach her about what being a princess is all about. The film also shows her first days in the palace, attending royal school and meeting famous Disney Princesses such as Cinderella. A notable event to occur was Sofia's amulet, the Amulet of Avalor. The amulet contains powerful magic that allows Sofia to talk to animals and the power to summon fellow Disney Princesses to come to her aid. The amulet was also on the wish list for the villainous sorcerer Cedric, who secretly plotted to rule the kingdom using the amulet's magic.

Sofia the First

She is the titular character in this series.

In the series, Sofia is often thrown into the fray of what is to be expected of her whilst being a princess and what she wants to do is a free spirit.


  • Hoppin' Out With You
  • Sofia the First Theme Song
  • Rise and Shine
  • I'm Not Ready To Be A Princess
  • A Little Bit Of Food
  • True Sisters
  • Princess Things
  • Anything
  • Perfect Slumber Party
  • Make Some Noise
  • All You Need
  • Blue Ribbon Bunny
  • I Belong
  • (You Can Always) Count On Baileywick
  • Picnic of the Year
  • Good Little Witch
  • The Ride of Your Lives
  • Bring My Best Friend Back
  • I'll Get My/That Amulet
  • We're Buttercups
  • Enchancia Anthem
  • Make It Right
  • A Recipe for Adventure
  • The Simple Life
  • Merroway Cove
  • The Love We Share
  • Wassailia
  • Peace and Joy
  • Royal Fun
  • Sisters and Brothers
  • Me and My Mom
  • Friendship Is The Formula
  • Be Your Own King
  • Believe in Your Dream
  • Mystic Meadows
  • Stronger Than You Know
  • A Princess True
  • Know It All
  • Helping Hand
  • Never Forget The Sorcerer's Secret
  • Improvise
  • My Time (Reprise)
  • On My Own


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  • Clover says that she screams like a banshee.
  • Similar to Cinderella, Sofia has a rags-to-riches story and has a stepsister who was once antagonistic but became softer in the climax. Incidentally, Cinderella was the first princess Sofia summoned.
    • Unlike Cinderella, Sofia moved into her stepfamily's home instead of the other way around.
  • It is revealed in "The Tale of the Noble Knight" that Sofia is ticklish, as when Willawing the Dragon stroked her chin with her claw, Sofia is shown to be laughing and even giggles "That tickles."
  • Sofia is the youngest Disney Princess so far at the start of her series, though she is the same age as Melody and Eilonwy by its end.