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Queen Amaya

Queen Amaya is the wife of King Magnifico and Queen of Rosas in the movie Wish.


Angelique Cabral


Amaya is a kind and confident woman. She cares greatly for her subjects and wants what’s best for them, and wants to see their wishes come true; she comes to the aid of everyone who wants to be the King’s apprentice, becoming an ally to Asha. She is also loving and devoted to her husband, King Magnifico, often calling him “me rei” and supports him greatly. Despite being willing to sit in the sidelines as he performs magic and not minding that he is idolized more than she is, she's not afraid to share her opinions with him and give him advice on how to do things better.

As the film goes on and Magnifico falls deeper into insanity and dark magic, Amaya attempts to support him still, feeling betrayed by him as he’d promised never to use dark magic, and she grows somewhat afraid of him. She becomes an ally to Asha and her friends and is willing to rebel against her husband, and at the end of the film obtains his duties and breaks it off with him, recognizing he has committed crimes and putting the mirror he is trapped in into the dungeon. Amaya also takes charge and agrees to help the citizens make their wishes come true, showing her selflessness.


Queen Amaya is a beautiful woman who looks to be about the same age as her husband, with somewhat tan skin, hazel eyes that are slightly angulated, and a beauty mark just above her lip. Her hair is brown and tied back behind her in a braid, and she wears a multicolored but mostly white gown.