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Queen Leah is a character from the 1959 Disney animated film, Sleeping Beauty. She is the mother of Princess Aurora and wife of King Stefan. For the original film, she was (allegedly) voiced by the late Verna Felton, who also voiced Flora in the same film. In Maleficent, she was played by Hannah New.

Disney History

Sleeping Beauty

Queen Leah and her husband are the monarchs of an unnamed European kingdom, possibly in Medieval France. After many years of marriage, she gives birth to a beautiful baby daughter which she and her husband name Aurora, after the goddess of dawn. Her happiness is shortened when Maleficent, who was not invited, curses her daughter. Devastated, she has to see her daughter taken away by the fairies in order to protect her. Sixteen years later she is waiting for the return of her daughter, but when Aurora touches the spindle, the Queen and the entire kingdom are put to sleep by the Good Fairies. When Maleficent is defeated, Leah awakens, and finally meets her daughter, whom she embraces and cries tears of happiness when she sees her.


Queen Leah appeared in the film under the name of Leila and was portrayed by Hannah New. She is the daughter of the ruthless King Henry. She remains loyal to her father who performs her duties as a princess by becoming Stefan's wife and later bearing his child. She would soon witness Maleficent, her husband's former friend whom he betrayed would place a curse on her daughter Aurora.

During the course of the film, she becomes gravely ill and eventually dies. Stefan shows no grief over her death as he has become paranoid and obsessed with hunting Maleficent down.


  • In the French version, she is called Reine Orhiane or Reine Oriane, although some media called her Reine Béatrice.
  • Her daughter strongly resembles her in looks and hair color, though Aurora has a slightly rounder face and her hair is lighter in color.
  • Despite having less screen time and not having a proactive role, Queen Leah is the first mother of a Disney Princess to be alive in the film (though she dies in Maleficent). The second is Fa Li (Mulan's mother), the third is Eudora (Tiana's), the fourth is Queen Arianna (Rapunzel's) the fifth is Queen Elinor (Merida's) and the sixth is Sina (Moana's).
  • Though King Stefan and Queen Leah don't appear in Kingdom Hearts Birth by Sleep, the thrones on which they sit are present in the hall of the castle where Terra faces the Wheel Master Unversed.