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Rapunzel's Royal Wedding (also known titled Best Wedding Day Ever) is the third Royal Wedding story of the Royal Weddings book series, and the second wedding book based on Tangled.



Around the beginning of Spring, Flynn invited Rapunzel to take a special trip with him. Rapunzel attempted to ask where they were going, with Flynn telling her that that would ruin the surprise. Max and Pascal decided to come along as well. That evening, they went to the same lake that Rapunzel and Flynn had in the past seen the floating lights. Flynn intended to propose to Rapunzel. However, he left it on shore. Fortunately, Maximus noticed the same thing and had Pascal sent flying to the boat, carrying the ring. Now that he had the ring, he then proposed, with her accepting. On the way back, Rapunzel wanted to tell everyone the good news. First, she paid a visit to The Snuggly Duckling and gave the news. Everyone was delighted and offered to help the couple with the wedding. Attila helped Rapunzel with designing the cake, baking and icing until finally, she had the perfect wedding cake, which was immensely tall. The decorations had Rapunzel and Tor looking at fancy bouquets. However, what pleased Rapunzel was a field of wildflowers. Flynn and Rapunzel then asked Pascal and Max whether they'll be the ring bearers, and they agreed with a squeal and neigh, respectively. Eventually, they had to find a dress, with Rapunzel trying on gown after gown (a lavender dress with unicorn patterns on the skirt, a more Viking-based dress, and a green dress with hearts on the skirt). None of the dresses were quite to Rapunzel's tastes, so she decided to design her own. She took many times sketching until the design was exactly what she wanted. On the morning of the wedding, everyone in Corona waved to the King and Queen as they passed by in the royal coach. Upon arriving at the church, the king greeted Rapunzel. He then proudly took her arm and the ceremony began. Rapunzel walked down the aisle as Flynn beamed throughout, but something happened to the ringbearers: Specifically, Max, due to the flowers, sneezed and caused the rings to roll away. Max chased one ring, also landing himself in girls clothing in the process due to plowing through a carriage, while Pascal chased the other through all the reception decorations. Ultimately, they managed to arrive back at the ceremony just in time, finding the rings and saving the wedding on that front, although everything for the reception had been ruined in the process. Nonetheless, they didn't have to worry for long, as the friends who helped them plan their special day also helped clean up. They were soon dancing happily. Flynn and Rapunzel then took their first taste of the wedding cake, just as Tor finished adjusting the last of the flowers. Flynn and Rapunzel were thankful for their friends helping them prepare the perfect wedding twice. As they rode away, Rapunzel cried out that it was the "Best. Day. Ever!"